DARA-myRWA-header.jpgA Preview of Upcoming Meetings

    (Subject to change)


    January 24: Kerrelyn Sparks “Humor: It’s More Than Just a Joke” Ten ways to incorporate humor into your writing and how humor can be used to help you achieve multiple goals while crafting your story

    February 28: Kathleen Scheibling “Harlequin Roadshow” A Harlequin senior editor discusses author career planning and the author/editor relationship. Plus, workshop attendees will have the opportunity to sign up for the Harlequin Submission Blitz – submit your manuscript and you’re guaranteed a response and feedback within a certain time frame. *Workshop runs from 9:30 – 3pm.

    March 28: Cindy Dees “Learning to Write Fast” Learn tips and tricks for getting the words on the page.

    April 25: Lorraine Heath “Money Talks: Going Traditional” A frank look at how traditional publishers pay out advances and royalties. In addition learn about joint accounting, foreign rights sales, book clubs, subsidiary rights, and other clauses you might encounter when signing a contract with a traditional publisher.