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    The Golden Heart® Award

    The purpose of the Golden Heart contest is to promote excellence in the romance genre by recognizing outstanding manuscripts written by individuals who have not published a Novel or Novella. Golden Heart necklace

    About the Contest

    Approximately 1,200 romance manuscripts are entered in the Golden Heart each year by RWA members who have not accepted a publishing offer for, or self-published, a work of original fictional narrative prose of 20,000 words or more (by the contest entry deadline).

    A writer may enter a romance manuscript in one of eight contest categories. In the preliminary round, the manuscripts are read and judged by General RWA members, and
    all entries with a minimum total score of at least 90 percent of the total possible score will advance to the final round.

    The final round of the contest is judged by acquiring editors from romance publishing houses. Many Golden Heart finalists sell their manuscripts to publishers as a result of the exposure from the contest.

    Romance Writers of America reveals the Golden Heart winners at the Awards Ceremony at the RWA Annual Conference.
    Golden Heart winners receive a gold, heart-shaped necklace in recognition of their achievements.

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