The Honor Roll

The RWA Honor Roll recognizes current RWA members who have a work of romance fiction, excluding multi-author anthologies and multi-author boxed sets, that has: appeared on any New York Times bestseller list; appeared on the Publishers Weekly Top Ten bestseller list or any other PW best-seller list based solely on format, genre, or region; appeared in the top 50 of the USA Today bestseller list; or sold at least 100,000 copies in a single language, including copies from digital, print and audio formats, as well as reissues of the identical work that do not appear in multi-author anthologies and multi-author boxed sets.

"Sold" includes commercial transactions where the work is sold or licensed to an end consumer in exchange for money. There must be a record of the number of copies sold.

*An asterisk beside a name indicates the member has passed away.


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