Committee Members

Standing Committees

These committees shall carry out charges approved by the Board but shall not have or exercise the authority of the Board in the management of RWA.

  • Academic Grant Committee: Piper Huguley (chairperson), Natalie Tindall (assistant chairperson), Lynn Coddington, Elysabeth Grace, Curt Herr, Kristin Ramsdell, and Catherine Roach
  • Audit/Finance Committees: Nan Dixon (chairperson), Laura Alford, Diane Kelly, Donna MacMeans, and Brooke Wills
  • Awards Ceremony Committee: Gina Fluharty (chairperson), Jenn LeBlanc (assistant chairperson), Jamie Beck (board liaison), Xio Axelrod, Rebecca Hunter, K. M. Jackson, Cheryl Kennedy, Joanna Paez, Susan Scott Shelley, and Anna Zabo
  • Conference Workshop Committee: Robin Covington (chairperson), Xio Axelrod (assistant chairperson), Adrienne Mishel (board liaison), Lori Ann Bailey, Veronica Forand, Shawntelle Madison, and Rayna Vause
  • Ethics Committee: confidential
  • Leadership Development Committee: Donna MacMeans (chairperson), Farrah Rochon (board liaison), Lucy Farago, Rachel Grant, LaQuette, Sharon Sobel, and Sherry Thomas
  • RWA University Committee: Tracey Livesay (chairperson), Vanessa North (assistant chairperson), Damon Suede (board liaison), Amy Alessio, Nina Crespo, Gwen Hernandez, Ursula Renee, Joanna Shupe, and Mia Sosa
  • RWR Content Committee: Barbara Wallace (chairperson), Chanta Rand (board liaison), Kilby Blades, Regina Kyle, Bria Quinlan, and Preslaysa Williams

Advisory Committees

These committees are made up of individuals who possess specific knowledge and skills on a particular subject and will, at the Board’s request, make recommendations on a particular topic or program. These committees do not have Board authority and cannot make policy for the organization, but the Board can assign tasks to these committees to complete, in the manner and timeframe set out by the Board. Each advisory committee will have an assigned Board Liaison.

  • Diversity Advisory Committee: Kilby Blades (chairperson), HelenKay Dimon (board liaison), Alice Gaines, Kimberly King, Thien-Kim Lam, Preslaysa Williams, and Lillian Ortiz Zoeller
  • PAN Advisory Committee*: Heidi Cullinan (chairperson), Regina Kyle (assistant chairperson), Gwen Hernandez, Kate McMurray, Lisa Rayne, and Carrie Ann Ryan
  • PRO Advisory Committee*: Tara Kennedy (chairperson), Susan M. Miller (assistant chairperson), Denny S. Bryce (board liaison), Grace Kahlo, Molly Maka, Amanda McMurrey, and Michele Sandiford

Ad Hoc Committee

Ad hoc committees are temporary committees or task forces created for discussion of RWA issues that do not fall under the scope of RWA's standing committees.

*The change from PRO and PAN Steering Committees to PRO and PAN Advisory Committees will occur as of September 1, 2019. Prior to that time, the PRO and PAN Steering Committees will continue and follow the policies and procedures related to them as standing committees.