RWA Internship Housing Stipend

Individuals who have officially been offered a summer internship position at a Qualifying Publisher and meet RWA's definition of being from a Diverse Background are eligible to apply for the RWA Internship Housing Stipend. RWA will administer up to two housing stipends yearly. Each stipend will provide up to $4000 toward summer housing during the recipient's internship period, to be paid directly by RWA to the housing institution. 

The purpose of this stipend is to demonstrate RWA’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity by ensuring that students from underrepresented backgrounds have access to opportunities that will help them secure a career in the publishing industry. RWA wants to affirm the principle that when decision-makers in the publishing industry more closely reflect the diversity of society, RWA, the publishing industry, authors, and readers will benefit. The deadline to apply is April 1, 2019.

Per RWA's Policy and Procedure Manual, "Diverse Background" refers to an individual who comes from a historically underrepresented background. These backgrounds include, but are not limited to, underrepresented communities of race, color, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.

A "Qualifying Publisher" is one that RWA has certified to meet certain standards. The full list of Qualifying Publishers is only available to RWA members, but applicants may contact to determine if the publisher they have received an offer from is on the list. 

Click the button below to apply. Among other information, applicants will be asked to provide information on their internship offer, a statement of financial need, and a statement of how a publishing internship will benefit their career goals. Contact with questions.

The 2019 application deadline has passed. Please check back in Spring 2020.