Advocacy—for our members and the genre—is at the core of RWA's mission.

RWA provides members with information on romance-acquiring publishers and agents who have been vetted by the organization to meet certain benchmarks. We have a professional relations manager on staff who can work with members to resolve grievances, and we have successfully fought on behalf of our members in disputes with publishers and agents, major retailers, and others who seek to take advantage. 

Are you a member with a professional relations issue? Contact [email protected].

RWA makes no representations or warranties regarding the business practices or financial condition of any publisher or agency/agent. This being said, RWA members and other romance writers should make their own independent decisions about which publishers or agencies/agents with which to do business, and RWA does not in any way encourage or discourage RWA members and other romance writers from making their own such independent business decisions. 

Advocacy News

News from RWA's Policy Advisory Committee on AI
The Policy Advisory Committee is happy to announce that RWA signed the Legislative Proposals to Protect the Creative Professions and Mitigate Risk of Harm from Generative AI, August 10, 2023, along with twelve other creative organizations.
RWA's Policy Advisory Committee news and updates for August 2023.
The latest news on artificial intelligence.
RWA's Policy Advisory Committee news and updates for July 2023.


“#RomanceEmpowers me because of organizations like @romancewriters that speak for and fight for me, help me network with my peers and the world professionally.”
— @heidicullinan
“After several ineffective exchanges with Amazon...we reached out to the RWA for help. Within a week, Amazon advised us that upon further review, our titles had been returned to their original categories and were once again discoverable on their site...RWA’s intervention played a critical part in that response.”
— Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey
“Huge shout of thanks to RWA @romancewriters for standing up for their members, having our backs and getting the important things done for us. And this is why I’m a proud member!”
— @GailChianese

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RWA exhibits at trade shows and participates in panels on the romance genre.
Eligible Agents

Agents RWA's determined are qualified to be recognized as RWA-Eligible Agents.
Qualifying Markets

Markets RWA has determined do not participate in predatory publishing practices are Qualifying Markets.