RAMP 2021 Mentees

Thank you so much to everyone who applied for the inaugural year of RWA’s Romance Author Mentorship Program! We received a large number of amazing applications, and the main comment from all of our mentors was “this was such a difficult decision!” 

Applying for programs like this is an act of courage and optimism, and while sadly not every applicant could be paired with a mentor, we were so excited to see the overwhelming number of writers pursuing their goals and passions. We hope to continue to grow RAMP and implement other programs designed to support you in your writing journey.

Congratulations to all who were selected! We can't wait to see the magic you and your mentor produce! 

And now, we are pleased to announce the RAMP 2021 Mentees:

Mentor  Mentee
 Susana Aikin  Catherine Lawrence
 Kimberley Ash  Nancy McCarty
 Stephanie Bourbon  Kerri Locke
 Valerie Bowman  Katherine Happ
 Moni Boyce  Liz Jakes
 Belle Calhoune  Jeannine Spriggs
 A.R. Case  Kay Freeman
 C. Chilove  Shawna Lewis
 Alexis D. Craig  Anne Chlovechok
 Laurel Cremant  Abigail Kelly
 Dylann Crush  Sarah Vance Tompkins
 Jacie Floyd  Caragh Leon
 Olivia Gaines  Ruby James
 Melanie Harlow  Kara Kendrick
 Christina Hovland  Victoria Elliot
 Rebecca Hunter  CJ Connor & Edra Gray (writing duo)
 Paula Judith Johnson  Kelly Ann Scott
 Barbara Denise Keaton              Debbie DeSantis Butler
 Lisa Kessler  April Brown
 LaQuette  Shayne Monroe
 Virginia E. Lee  Victoria Farhat
 Sheryl Lister  Kimmie Ferrell
 Tracey Livesay  Catherine Chase
 Barbara Longley  Carol Jane Best
 Michelle Major  Jessica Holt
 Annika Martin  Maggie Eliot
 Aly Mennuti  Lille Moore
 Rachael Miles  Amy Arden
 Lindy Miller  Bonnie Jo Pierson
 Linda J. Parisi  Lani Jackson
 Roan Parrish  Tana Jenkins
 Jacki Renée  Denise Williams
 Stephanie Scott  Jenny Evans
 Roxanne Snopek  Eliza Collins
 Romy Sommer  Maureen Ewing
 Eve Vaughn  Jen Schoenbein
 Libby Waterford  Erin Geer
 Renee Wildes  Maureen Castell
 Laurie Wood  Mary Pat Johns

RWA will reach out to selected mentees to connect you with your mentors. Reach out to [email protected] with questions.

Please note: Two announced mentors were unable to continue with the program.