About RAMP

In a Nutshell

RAMP, or the Romance Author Mentorship Program, connects experienced indie- and traditionally-published RWA members with mentees who are unpublished as well as self-published or traditionally-published authors whose career needs a boost for a 5-month period in which they work closely together to revise a full manuscript and write a query letter, pitch, and/or back cover blurb. The program culminates in two events, a Traditional Showcase and an Indie Master Class, and mentees are encouraged to participate in both.

Made for Romance

RAMP, conceived in 2019 after initial consultation with Pitch Wars founder Brenda Drake, was designed specifically for romance authors who may not always follow a traditional publishing path. With RAMP, no matter what publishing path mentees are interested in pursuing, RAMP will help them along their journey. In the Traditional Showcase, both agents and editors will review a pitch and first page from each mentee. Mentees will also be invited to participate in an intensive Indie Master Class at the RWA Annual Conference with an instructor who has made a successful career in the indie publishing space.

Building Community

One of our biggest aims with RAMP is to create a robust community for writers to learn from and support each other as they work to achieve their publishing dreams. Once selected, mentees will be eligible to join RWA’s The Golden Network chapter, and each mentee class will have their own forum to share advice and encouragement.

But mentees don’t get to have all the fun! The RWA Discussions forum, accessible to RWA members, will play host to related educational programming and discussions during the months the program is live. 

How does it work? 

After traditionally-published and indie-published mentors are chosen by RWA Staff, mentee applicants will be able to view their bios and wish lists and pick four (4) to whom they wish to submit their work. Applicants will send in a short summary and the first 3 chapters of a complete, never-before-published manuscript to their mentor picks. Each mentor will select one mentee to work with on a full manuscript revision, a query letter, and/or a back cover blurb, as well as answer questions about the business of publishing and reaching their indie-author or traditionally-published goals for the next five months. 

Once the revision period is complete, mentees can post their pitch and first page for participating agents and editors to review and potentially request more material from those that interest them. Mentees will be invited to participate in an Indie Master Class at the RWA Annual Conference where they will learn about self-publishing from an indie author expert.

Our goal is for RAMP mentees to have information and options about different publishing paths, so all mentees are highly encouraged to participate in both events! 

Who can participate? 

The RAMP program is only open to RWA members.

Mentors must be RWA members who are General PAN, PAN-Eligible, PAN-Equivalent, or past RITA winners. 

Mentees can be RWA General or Associate-Writer members, published or unpublished. 

Agents must meet the qualifications to be considered "RWA-Eligible." Editors must work for a publishing company or imprint that meets the qualifications to be considered a "Qualifying Market."

How do I participate?

Mentor applications open November 18, 2020.

Mentee applications open January 5, 2020. 

Agents and Editors can register to participate in the Traditional Showcase here

Follow the links on the sidebar to learn more about how to participate. 

2021 Schedule

Nov 18, 2020 : Mentor apps open
Dec 9, 2020:
Mentor apps close 
Dec 16, 2020
Mentors announced and their wish lists posted
Jan 5, 2021:
Mentee submissions open
Jan 19, 2021:
Mentee submissions close
Feb 9:
Mentees announced
June 28 - July 5:
Online showcase for editors/agents
July 14-17:
RWA2021 in Nashville, Indie Master Class