RAMP Agents and Editors

*Agent/Editor Showcase: June 28 - July 5, 2021*

The world of romance publishing is ever-changing, and we are excited to bring you a different way to find amazing new stories and fresh voices. As a RAMP agent or editor, you will be able to review romance manuscripts that have been through a rigorous revision process in order to be made submission-ready. If you plan to attend the RWA Annual Conference, participation in RAMP will count for one hour toward your comped registration.

During the showcase, agents and editors will be able to view a 50-word pitch and first page from each mentee, leaving requests for more pages from any that grab your attention! 

Register to Participate as an Agent or Editor

Agents and editors who meet the eligibility requirements listed below can register to participate in the Traditional Showcase up until the final day of the showcase. You must register in order to have access to the forum where the Showcase will be hosted.

To register, agents and editors must create an RWA account. Please note, if you have attended an RWA conference before, you already have an account. If you need assistance accessing it, please contact RAMP@rwa.org

Register for Traditional Showcase

Guidelines for Agents and Editors


Agents must meet the qualifications to be considered "RWA-Eligible" at the time of the showcase.
Editors must work for a publishing company or imprint that meets the qualifications to be considered a "Qualifying Market" at the time of the showcase.


RAMP's Traditional Showcase will take place from June 28 - July 5, 2021. During that time, agents and editors can access our Showcase forum and read through a 50-word pitch and first page from each mentee. If interested, you will be able to leave a comment to request more materials. Simple! 

Agents and editors who register before the start of the Showcase will receive an email notice that the forum has opened. 

Conference Comp Requirements

If you plan to attend the RWA Annual Conference, participation in RAMP will count as one hour toward your complimentary registration. To qualify for this participating agents and editors must view or download at least five (5) mentee first pages by the end of the Showcase.   

Agent/Editor FAQs

How do I know if I meet the qualifications to be "RWA-Eligible" or part of a "Qualifying Market"?
Email or call (832-717-5200 ext. 123) Leslie Scantlebury for more information on this designation.

Do I have to be attending the RWA Annual Conference to participate in RAMP? 
No, any eligible editor or agent may register to participate.  

During the Traditional Showcase, do I have to request more material from a mentee to qualify for comped conference registration? 
No, you do not need to comment or ask for more materials from any mentee for your participation in RAMP to count toward conference registration. The only requirement is to view or download a minimum of five pitches/first pages, which RWA will track through our forum software.

If I read more than the minimum five pitches/first pages, can I count that as the full two hours toward complimentary conference registration?
No, RAMP participation will only count for one hour toward conference registration. 

What if I am unable to participate in the Traditional Showcase, but was planning to count it toward my comped conference registration? 
Please contact conference@rwa.org as soon as possible. Agents and editors will have several opportunities to earn their comped conference registration, but industry professionals who fail to meet the requirements will be billed for attending conference.


Participating Agents and Editors

Harvey Klinger, Inc. 
Analieze Cervantes
Jennifer Herrington

The Knight Agency
Elaine Spencer

Handspun Literary Agency
Courtney Miller-Callihan

Check back as we announce more industry professionals reviewing entries in our Traditional Showcase!