RAMP Agents and Editors

*Agent/Editor Showcase: October 10 - October 14*

The world of romance publishing is ever-changing, and we are excited to bring you a different way to find amazing new stories and fresh voices. As a RAMP agent or editor, you will be able to review romance manuscripts that have been through a rigorous revision process in order to be made submission-ready.

During the showcase, agents and editors will receive, in their email inbox, a 50-word pitch and first page of a mentee’s manuscript. Reply with requests for more pages from any that grab your attention!

Register to Participate as an Agent or Editor

Agents and editors who meet the eligibility requirements listed below can register to participate in the RAMP Pitch Showcase by emailing the Romance Education Initiative chairperson at rei@rwa.org up until the first day of the showcase. You must contact the REI chairperson in order to have access to the mentees’ submissions.

If you need assistance, please contact RAMP@rwa.org.

Register for Traditional Showcase

Guidelines for Agents and Editors


Agents must meet the qualifications to be considered "RWA-Eligible" at the time of the showcase.
Editors must work for a publishing company or imprint that meets the qualifications to be considered a "Qualifying Market" at the time of the showcase.


During the week of October 10 - October 14, 2022, mentees email their 50-word pitch and first page of their manuscript to a designated RWA email address that will be forwarded to participating agents and editors. For example: a mentee with a historical romance manuscript will submit a 50-word pitch and copy and paste the first page of their completed manuscript in the body of an email to [historical] [at] [rwa] [dot] [org]. The submission is automatically forwarded to the email address of all agents and editors with historical romance on their list of subgenre interests. If interested, reply to the email with a request for more materials. Simple!

Agents and editors who register before the start of the Showcase will receive an email notice to confirm participation on or before September 14.

Agent/Editor FAQs

How do I know if I meet the qualifications to be "RWA-Eligible" or part of a "Qualifying Market"?
Email or call (832-717-5200 ext. 123) Leslie Scantlebury for more information on this designation.

Do I have to be attending the RWA Annual Conference to participate in RAMP?
No, any eligible editor or agent may participate.  

During the Pitch Showcase, how do I  request more material from a mentee?
Reply to their emailed submission.

What if I am unable to participate in the Pitch Showcase?
Please contact RAMP.org as soon as possible.

Important Agent and Editor Dates for RAMP 2022
July 29, 2022:
RAMP Mentor/Mentee Mixer at the RWA Annual Conference
September 14, 2022: Email confirmation(s) from designated RWA email accounts
October 10, 2022 - October 14, 2022: RAMP Pitch Showcase

Participating Agents and Editors

Agents and editors who register before the start of the Showcase will receive an email notice to confirm participation on or before September 14.

Participating Agents and Editors

Blue Ridge Literary Agency, LLC
Carol Woien
Dawn Dowdle
Leslie Truex

City Owl Press
Heather McCorkle
Lisa Green
Theresa Cole

Copps Literary Services, LLC
Elizabeth Copps


Folio Literary Agency
Claudia Cross
Marcy Posner

Greyhaus Literary Agency
Scott Eagan

Carly Byrne
Kathryn Lye
Nicola Caws
Shana Asaro
Stephanie Doig

Holloway Literary
Nikki Terpilowski

The Tobias Literary Agency
Lane Heymont
Stefanie Rossitto

The Wild Rose Press
Frances Sevilla*

*Frances Sevilla is RWA's main contact but editors from all of The Wild Rose Press' romances departments will be reviewing pitches.

Transatlantic Agency
Léonicka Valcius
Andrea Cascardi

Tule Publishing
Meghan Farrell

To see the area of interest of each participating Editor and Agent, please click here .