RAMP Community

One of our biggest aims with RAMP is to create a robust community for writers to learn from and support each other as they work to achieve their publishing dreams. Each mentee class will have their own dedicated forum. Once selected, mentees will be eligible to join RWA's Golden Network chapter! 

The Golden Network

At their 2019 annual retreat, The Golden Network, an international, online chapter composed of former Golden Heart finalists, voted to extend chapter membership eligibility to selected RAMP mentees! Read on to learn about the benefits and support mentees can receive by joining The Golden Network. 

A welcome message from The Golden Network: 

We're thrilled to have RAMP mentees join us! We’re a very social, welcoming, member-focused chapter, with an active Facebook group where you’re always invited to ask questions, get career advice, check-in for the week and get some encouragement. Online is also where our members can access free workshop opportunities, an internal mentoring program, and our annual members-only Pitchfest. The high point of our year is the TGN Retreat that takes place at the National Conference featuring stellar speakers, an opportunity to meet face-to-face, and where we celebrate our newly published members with the Golden Crown ceremony. We look forward to meeting you!

To learn more about or join The Golden Network, follow the links below: 

Email / contact : president.thegoldennetwork@gmail.com

Website: https://tgn.rwa.org

Link to join: https://tgn.rwa.org/TGN/Membership/Sign_In.aspx

RAMP Mentee Forum 

Each mentee class will have access to a dedicated, permanent forum to interact with fellow mentees, sharing advice and encouragement during the run of the program and beyond.

Selected 2021 Mentees can click below to access their forum beginning February 9, 2021. Login required. 

2021 RAMP Mentee Forum