If you cannot find the answer you're looking for after reading the FAQs, please contact RAMP@rwa.org.

Mentee FAQs
Mentor FAQs
Agent/Editor FAQs

Mentee FAQs

Do I need to be an RWA member to apply? 
Yes. Eligible mentors must be RWA General or Associate-Writer Members. 

Will you accept mentees with manuscripts in XYZ subgenre? 
This will depend on the mentors who are selected. It's our goal to have a variety subgenres represented among the mentors, including YA and Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance. 

Before the mentee applications open, we will post the mentors' "wish lists," which will detail what types of novels they're eager to assist with. Mentee applicants will be able to review those and submit their manuscripts to the mentors who look like they'll be the best fit.

Is there a fee to apply? 
There is no fee associated with RAMP. 

What should a summary include? 
A summary should be a simple outline of your story so that mentors have an idea of what they'll be reading. It does not have to be a formal query/synopsis. 

What if more than one mentor selects my manuscript? 
Each mentor will make a case for why you should work with them, and then you will be able to choose. 

Does the first three chapters include a prologue? 
You may submit your Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, or you may submit Chapters 1-3, whatever makes the most sense for your manuscript.

If I know I will be indie publishing/traditionally publishing, can I still participate in the Traditional Showcase/Indie Master Class? 
Yes! We encourage all mentees to take advantage of both events for the experience and knowledge they will gain about both types of publishing. 

What if I can't get in touch with my mentor or am having other issues? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org

If I'm not selected, will I be informed? 
All mentee applicants will find out their selection status by checking the announcement page on the date mentees are announced. Applicants will not receive individual notification.


Mentor FAQs

Do I have to be an RWA member? 
Yes. Eligible mentors must be RWA members who are General PAN, PAN-Eligible, PAN-Equivalent, or past RITA winners.

Do I have to be agented or have prior mentor experience to apply?
We will consider a variety of factors when reviewing mentor applications, but being agented or having prior mentor experience are not required. 

What if I am not interested in any of the mentee submissions I receive? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org

Can I request more information from my mentee applicants?
Yes, you will be able to request more materials or ask questions via email during the reading period.  

What if I choose the same mentee as another mentor? 
Mentors who choose the same mentee applicant will be able to make their case to the applicant, who will then choose their preferred mentor.  

What if I am selected and can't complete the mentor requirements? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org immediately so we can attempt to reassign your mentee. 

What if I can't get in touch with my mentor or am having other issues? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org

Agent/Editor FAQs

How do I know if I meet the qualifications to be "RWA-Eligible" or part of a "Qualifying Market"?
Email or call (832-717-5200 ext. 123) Leslie Scantlebury for more information on this designation.

Do I have to be attending the RWA Annual Conference to participate in RAMP? 
No, any eligible editor or agent may register to participate.  

During the Traditional Showcase, do I have to request more material from a mentee to qualify for comped conference registration? 
No, you do not need to comment or ask for more materials from any mentee for your participation in RAMP to count toward conference registration. The only requirement is to view or download a minimum of five pitches/first pages, which RWA will track through our forum software.

If I read more than the minimum five pitches/first pages, can I count that as the full two hours toward complimentary conference registration?
No, RAMP participation will only count for one hour toward conference registration. 

What if I am unable to participate in the Traditional Showcase, but was planning to count it toward my comped conference registration? 
Please contact conference@rwa.org as soon as possible. Agents and editors will have several opportunities to earn their comped conference registration, but industry professionals who fail to meet the requirements will be billed for attending conference.