RAMP Mentors

If you're looking for a way to give back to the writing community, if you have advice and insight you'd love to share, we encourage you to apply to become a RAMP Mentor! While mentorship is a commitment--of time and of energy--the rewards that come with lifting up your fellow writers and becoming part of their success story are invaluable. Read on to find out the ins and outs of mentoring through RWA's Romance Author Mentorship Program. 

Become a Mentor

Applications are now closed.

Mentor Guidelines


RWA members who are General PAN, PAN-Eligible, PAN-Equivalent, or past RITA winners are eligible to apply to be RAMP Mentors. Mentors will be selected by RWA Staff. 

Mentors will participate in a three-week reading period followed by a five-month period where they will work with their mentee on a manuscript revision, query letter, pitch, and/or back cover blurb, as well as answer questions about the business of publishing and reaching their indie-author or traditionally-published goals.

While a rewarding act of service, mentorship will require a significant time commitment, so please take this into consideration when applying. 

The Process

Once selected, mentors will provide their bio and wish list to be posted for potential mentees to view. Mentee applicants will submit their manuscripts to mentors they wish to work with. Mentors will have approximately three weeks to read through these submissions, which will include a summary and first three chapters, and choose who they would like to work with. 

Mentors will work with their mentees over the course of five months to revise a full manuscript, as well as a query, pitch, and/or back cover blurb, as well as answer questions about the business of publishing and reaching their indie-author or traditionally-published goals.

The goal at the end of the program is for the mentee to have a manuscript and collateral materials that are ready to submit to an editor or agent, or ready to go to a proofreader before self-publication. 

Minimally, we expect mentors to: 
  • Perform one edit round on the full manuscript with an edit letter delivered to mentee
  • Perform one edit round on either a query, pitch, or a back cover blurb, depending on mentee’s preference
  • Answer questions about the business of publishing and reaching their indie-author or traditionally-published goals.
Optionally, mentors may want to perform a final read-through of their mentee's manuscript before the showcase begins. 

If you have questions, please contact RAMP@rwa.org or check out our Mentor FAQs below.

What's in a Wish List?

A wish list contains all the information potential mentees will know if you are the right person to whom they should submit their manuscript. A wish list will help them get to know you, what you’re looking for in a manuscript, what you’re not looking for in a manuscript, and maybe a little about the type of mentee you think you’d work well with. 

Some information you can include: 

  • Informal Bio 
  • Favorite Books
  • Subgenres I’m Looking For
  • Subgenres I Do Not Want
  • Themes and Tropes I Love 
  • Themes and Tropes I Stay Away From 
  • My Mentor Style
And anything else you feel would help connect the right mentee to you! 

Important Mentor Dates for RAMP 2021

November 18, 2020:
Mentor applications open
December 9, 2020: Mentor applications close 
December 16, 2020: Mentors announced and wish lists posted
January 5, 2021: Mentee submissions open
January 19, 2021: Mentee submissions close 
February 4, 2021: Mentor selections due to RWA Staff
February 9: Mentees announced
June 28: Traditional Showcase begins
July 14 - 17: RWA2021 in Nashville, Indie Master Class

Why Mentor? 

"Authors are some of the kindest and most generous people in the world — maybe because we know how tough the publishing industry is. In addition, many people have helped me along my path, providing a word of encouragement when I needed it most. I want to pay this kindness forward, and mentorship programs are a perfect way of doing so!"
--Pintip Dunn

"For the past five years, I've chosen to mentor in Pitch Wars to pay it forward, but in turn, I continue to reap even more benefits. While I have experiences to share, teaching is a fast track to learning since I'm constantly forced to brush up on or research totally new-to-me aspects of craft or the industry so I can give the most relevant and up-to-date advice. Plus, when the window closes, it's rewarding to have a stake in an emerging author's writing success--and a new friend." 
--Mary Ann Marlowe

"RAMP offers you an opportunity to help another author achieve their dreams by sharing how you achieved yours. And that’s something I don’t mind in the least because so many RWA authors helped me!" --Denny S. Bryce

Mentor FAQs

Do I have to be an RWA member? 
Yes. Eligible mentors must be RWA members who are General PAN, PAN-Eligible, PAN-Equivalent, or past RITA winners.

Do I have to be agented or have prior mentor experience to apply?
We will consider a variety of factors when reviewing mentor applications, but being agented or having prior mentor experience are not required. 

What if I am not interested in any of the mentee submissions I receive? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org

Can I request more information from my mentee applicants?
Yes, you will be able to request more materials or ask questions via email during the reading period.  

What if I choose the same mentee as another mentor? 
Mentors who choose the same mentee applicant will be able to make their case to the applicant, who will then choose their preferred mentor.  

What if I am selected and can't complete the mentor requirements? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org immediately so we can attempt to reassign your mentee. 

What if I can't get in touch with my mentor or am having other issues? 
Contact RAMP@rwa.org

2021 RAMP Mentors

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Susana Aikin
Kimberley Ash
Stephanie Bourbon
Valerie Bowman
Moni Boyce
Belle Calhoune
A.R. Case
C. Chilove
Alexis D. Craig
Laurel Cremant
Dylann Crush
Jacqueline Floyd
Olivia Gaines
Melanie Harlow
Christina Hovland
Rebecca Hunter
Paula Judith Johnson
Barbara Denise Keaton
Lisa Kessler
Virginia E. Lee
Sheryl Lister
Tracey Livesay
Barbara Longley
Michelle Major
Annika Martin
Aly Mennuti
Rachael Miles
Lindy Miller
Linda J. Parisi
Roan Parrish
Jacki Renée
Stephanie Scott
Roxanne Snopek
Romy Sommer
Eve Vaughn
Libby Waterford
Renee Wildes
Laurie Wood