Advocacy Update: Dreamspinner Press

RWA is aware of the concerns raised about Dreamspinner Press. We are reviewing the material sent to us by members and are in ongoing contact with Dreamspinner about the issues raised. We have asked for additional information and documentation and that has been provided. We have also made requests of Dreamspinner and are awaiting a response. If members have concerns and have not spoken with a member of RWA staff, please email RWA at
Pursuant to RWA policy, all allegations and complaints about publishing professionals go through RWA staff. The RWA Board of Directors is not involved in these claims. However, to prevent any perception of a conflict of interest, Board members who have a publishing relationship with Dreampsinner have been recused from any discussion, even a status discussion, about the publisher.
RWA provides this for informational purposes only. Members should engage in their own due diligence before entering into a publishing contract or publishing relationship. 

Update (October 2019): Dreamspinner Press has been placed on indefinite probation, which means it has been removed from RWA's list of Qualifying Markets and will not be able to participate in RWA events and publications until the issues resulting in the probation have been resolved.  Dreamspinner Press was notified on October 1, 2019.