RWA Concerned About Macmillan's New Library Terms 

Summary of issue: 

Beginning November 1, 2019, Macmillan will impose new library lending and purchasing terms. Specifically, during the first eight weeks of a book’s release, the library may buy one copy for half price. Additional copies will be available to libraries but only after the initial eight-week window has expired. Macmillan’s justification for the new program is that libraries are “cannibalizing sales”  and having a negative impact on the publisher’s bottom line.  


RWA states its support for libraries and its concern about the justification for these new lending terms. While Macmillan may set the purchasing terms and pricing it believes are appropriate, RWA is concerned about the impact those terms will have on libraries and readers.  
RWA views libraries as a valuable and integral partner in the publishing industry. Libraries perform a needed function by eliminating a financial bar to potential readers. Library readers generally go on to become avid readers and book purchasers. Suggestions that libraries are somehow the cause of declining sales ignores the powerful role libraries play in encouraging reading and creating lifelong readers.  
RWA urges all members to stay informed on this issue. For more information, members can review the following resources:
Publishers Weekly: