Call for Committee Volunteers

RWA is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who agree to take on specific tasks on committees within the organization. Over the last few years RWA has changed the way it populates these committees to ensure they are dynamic and diverse. We value a mix of previous committee members to ensure continuity and fresh voices from our volunteer list. 


As of this year, the choosing of committee positions has been standardized. All committees for RWA’s next fiscal year, which runs from September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020, will be chosen tentatively prior to the July Board meeting, with input from committee chairs, and then approved by the Board at that meeting. Interested members should sign up now. This open call for committee positions will close July 1st


Members of standing and advisory committees must be members in good standing, including General members, Honorary members and Lifetime Achievement Award winners. Associate members may serve on advisory committees, if appropriate. Individual committees may have additional specific requirements.

Standing Committees: Committees that carry out a specific charge provided by the Board.

Advisory Committees: Committees made up of individuals who possess specific knowledge and skills on a particular subject and will, at the Board’s request, make recommendations on a particular topic or program.


  • Support the mission of the organization
  • Participate in committee meetings and in committee discussions, using RWA forums and RWA-approved meeting programs
  • Keep committee materials and conversations confidential, as needed
  • Respond in a timely manner to organizational requests
  • Be familiar with the committee’s charge and obligations   


Please find a list of committees below. To read more about the specific work of each committee, click here.

Standing Committees:

  • Academic Grant Committee
  • Awards Ceremony Committee
  • Conference Workshop Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Leadership Development Committee
  • RWA University Committee
  • RWR Content Committee

Advisory Committees:

  • Diversity Advisory Committee
  • PAN Advisory Committee
  • PRO Advisory Committee

How to Get Involved:

Interested members can submit a volunteer form here. Please know that RWA usually has more volunteers than open positions and that some committees have far more interest than others. While RWA can’t guarantee that you will be placed on a committee, or on your first choice committee, RWA does appreciate your willingness to serve and will include as many volunteers as possible. For more information on policy and procedures regarding RWA Committees, please reference section 10 of the Policy manual. If you have questions, please email