October Board Meeting Highlights

The RWA Board of Directors met October 4-6 in San Francisco, California. Highlights from the meeting include:

  • RWA2020 registration fees were set for $499 for RWA member early registration and $574 for nonmember early registration. Regular and late registration fees are posted here.
  • The Board approved a 25% discount on conference registration for full-time students.
  • The overall schedule for RWA2020 was set.
  • The Board approved a 60% membership discount for full-time students upon joining or renewal.
  • Deadlines for the 2020 Board of Directors election were set.
  • The Board reappointed Kate McMurray for a one-year term as Director-at-Large. This corrected an unintentional administrative oversight from when she was initially appointed to the role in April 2019.
  • Contest Policy was updated to allow RWA more flexibility in hosting contests and to turn the management of contests, including the RITA, over to RWA staff. The 2020 RITA will operate under previous Contest Policy.
  • The Board spent time discussing an updated strategic plan for the organization. A separate communication on this topic will be provided to membership.