On the Committee 2019: Awards Ceremony

Kicking off our new series aimed at introducing members to the work of our various committees, we have Gina Fluharty, Awards Ceremony Chair, to tell us a little about who she is and what the Awards Ceremony Committee has been up to this year! 

Tell us a little about you:

Hello Romancelandia! I’m Gina Fluharty, former President of Rose City Romance Writers and current chair of the Awards Ceremony Committee. This is my third year on the ACC and I’m so excited for you to see what we’re pulling together for this year. This year’s theme is "What Is Love." 

Why did you want to be on this committee?

The Awards Ceremony is romance's most glamorous night!! Who wouldn’t want to be on this committee!?!?!?!? This is my chance to help highlight the excellence of our genre and work with other fabulous volunteers!

What does the Awards Ceremony Committee do?

We’re responsible for recruiting presenters, choosing music, soliciting member stories for inclusion in the ceremony, and putting together a show that will hopefully make you laugh, bring you joy, and maybe, touch your heart in all the right ways.

What are you working on now? How can members help? 

WE NEED YOUR STORIES!!! There’s still time to submit your “What Is Love?” story to the committee. Tell us what love means to you: your favorite scene from a romance novel and why that scene makes you feel the way you do. OR submit a story about how empowered you feel as an individual in this industry. What is it about being a romance author in RWA that makes you feel so passionate about your journey? Tell us all about it at Gina.Fluharty@comcast.net If your story is picked, you’ll be contacted for a video submission.

Read more about this year's RITA theme and how you can contribute by clicking here.

President's Note: The Awards Ceremony Committee is not involved with the drafting of the RITA Rules. The RITA Rules are set by the RWA Board of Directors in the July Board meeting each year. The Judging calculations are done by computer with oversight by an RWA Staff member. Neither the Board nor the committee is involved with the calculations or selection of award winners in any way.