RWA Receives Donation from the Cocky Collective

We're thrilled to announce that at the end of 2018, RWA received a donation in the amount of $108,615.95 from SmartyPants Romance on behalf of the Cocky Collective from their book royalties received from the Cocktales Anthology. We would like to express our gratitude to the Cocky Collective for this generous donation. 

Our mission guides us to advocate for the rights of our members and all romance writers. This designated contribution to RWA’s advocacy fund will help us serve this mission by ensuring that when certain rights are being infringed upon, funding will be available. 

We believe that, united, romance writers are a powerful community. The authors of the Cocky Collective who gave their time and talents to put together the Cocktales Anthology, the readers who purchased a copy, and all those who lifted their voices in support of the anthology's goal "to fight against obstruction of creative expression," have shown this power, and we send our sincere thank you to all of you. 

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