RWA to Hire Outside Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Consultant

A message from RWA President HelenKay Dimon

RWA is in the process of hiring an outside consultant to assist the Board in working through the diversity, equality and inclusion issues in RWA.  We are excited for this new step. The consultant will work with the Board on issues, including leadership training and RITA judging. The consultant will also assist the Board in restructuring the Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) to be responsive to member needs and play a more active role in relaying concerns to the Board. We thank the current DAC members for their hard work this year. The committee's work will be placed on hold during the restructuring, with an expected relaunch after the annual RWA conference in July.

If anyone has any questions about the Diversity Advisory Committee or the restructuring, or any other issues, please contact me at [email protected].