Pen to Paper logoNobody is immune to that mean little voice that says you’re no good at this and everyone knows more than you. How do you silence it?

Announcing Pen to Paper!

Everyone hears it: That voice insisting everyone else knows more than you, that you’re not a skilled writer, that you shouldn’t attempt a romance novel.

But now you can hit “mute” on your insecurity—because RWA has developed a comprehensive, fascinating, supported program (by romance writers for romance writers) to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to get you from first idea to first draft!

Pen to Paper: Guide to Writing Romance is an immersive seven-month romance writing program designed to ground you in writing romances so strongly that your inner critic will be forced into the back seat. Here are some program highlights:

Engage weekly in a five-person Partner Circle led by two published author Guides. This writing group will stick together throughout the program, creating that inner circle of allies and writing partners that could last long after the program ends.

Hear from experts in the romance universe via articles, audio recordings, live events, and exclusive videos developed for this program.
Receive and learn how to give the valuable critique that will lift your writing from average to excellent.

What to Expect

Pen to Paper is not casual. Participants commit to continuous learning, giving and receiving support from a community of romance writers. If you’re serious about equipping yourself with essential, valuable knowledge you can apply right away, then watch for the announcement that applications are being accepted starting June 28, 2021. More information will be available through eNotes, Chapter Leader forum, and the RWA website.

In the meantime, take a sneak peek online at

Pen to Paper, a seven-month education to get you from first idea to first draft, is $750 for RWA members who enroll between June 28 and July 18 and $900 after that. The non-member price is $900 until July 18 and $1,050 after that.

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