RWA2019 Audio: Crafting a Slam Dunk Hook
RWA2019 Audio: Crafting a Slam Dunk Hook
Speaker(s): Mary Altman, Cat Clyne

In this workshop, two Sourcebooks editors walk through the research on hooks and teach the importance of understanding genre (AKA where your book sits on the shelf), a solid series hook (and why it doesn’t pay to ignore it), and how to go from a great single book to a full series. Using case studies, they take a deep dive into genre and how to find your core audience, how authors have taken a single book idea and transformed it into a career, and how to make sure your core readership is being served and you aren’t losing what made them fall in love with you in the first place. We end with how to take that polished hook and present it to agents, editors, and readers (for the self-published authors) in the way most likely to lead to a sale, including a submissions Mad Libs.
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