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RWA2020 Audio: Audiobooks 101

Speakers: Kelsey Navarro and Tim Paige

As audiobook sales grow and romance fans demand audio versions of their favorite authors' books, it's more important than ever to bring your titles to audio. In this session, professional audiobook narrators Kelsey Navarro and Tim Paige will take you step-by-step through the process of getting your audiobook produced. You'll learn how to find and audition narrators, what you need to have ready before you start, how to navigate the various platf
Product Code: AUDIO20A1
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Bangin' Hot Betas

Speaker: Karen Stivali

Take-charge alpha heroes are hot, but they're not the only men who know how to rock their lover's world. The sexy BFF, the best friend's shy brother, the sultry barista, or bespectacled hot guy reading—these are the ultra bangable beta heroes, and they're every bit as smokin' as their alpha rivals. Learn how to craft bangin' hot beta heroes that will make readers swoon as they learn to love their new beta book boyfriends!
Product Code: AUDIO20BHB
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Copyright and Contracts

Speaker: Cheryl L. Davis, The Authors Guild

Authors’ livelihoods depend on their ability to license and sell their hard work, and this ability is premised on the copyright law. Authors Guild General Counsel Cheryl Davis will give a brief overview of the U.S. copyright law and outline some of the basics of a traditional publishing contract, focusing on critical provisions and perils to avoid.
Product Code: AUDIO20CAC
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Dark Moments and Killer Endings

Speaker: Annika Martin

A great dark moment is everything! It’s that gut punch your characters didn’t know they needed, the burn-it-all-down scene that leads to their rising from the ashes transformed, worthy of that HEA. It’s also one of the most OMG-difficult things to write. We’ll go over approaches to crafting a fierce dark moment, the five types of dark moments, and ideas for keeping those emotions high right up to your galloping end!
Product Code: AUDIO20DMKE
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Discussion on History of Black Category Rom

A Critical Discussion on the History of Black Category Romance and Its Authors

Speakers: Shirley Hailstock, Donna Hill, and Sandra Kitt
Moderator: Jamee Pritchard

Published 40 years ago, Entwined Destinies by African American journalist Elsie Washington (a.k.a. Rosalind Welles) was the first category romance to portray Black love. The novel was introduced by Dell Candlelight in 1980 under the editorial leadership of Vivian Stephens as the “first ethnic Candlelight
Product Code: AUDIO20CDBCR
Price: $0.00

RWA2020 Audio: Enhancing Awareness, Inclusivity, & Cultural

RWA2020 Audio: Enhancing Awareness, Inclusivity, and Cultural Competency: Exploring the World of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Speaker: Devona F. Pierre, Ed.D. and Sabrina Griffith, SHRM-CP, CDP

This presentation seeks to explore the tenets of equity, diversity, & inclusion. It will familiarize participants with different elements of diversity and explore several topics including cultural competence, bias, and privilege. During this presentation the facilitators hope t
Product Code: AUDIO20EAICC
Price: $0.00

RWA2020 Audio: Erotic Romance: Journey of Heart & Sexuality

RWA2020 Audio: Erotic Romance: A Journey of Heart and Sexuality

Speaker: Anna Zabo
Erotic romance is more than just romance with extra sexual content. It's an intertwining of erotica and romance, two genres that have both historically been misunderstood. While romance focuses on the journey of the romantic relationship, erotic stories result in deep journeys of sexuality. When these two genres are brought together, the resulting story becomes an intertwined journey of both hea
Product Code: AUDIO20ER
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: From Heart to Page to Print: A Primer Guide

RWA2020 Audio: From Heart to Page to Print: A Primer Guide to Book Publishing

Speaker: Savannah Frierson
Publishing a book is now more accessible than ever, but people often are stuck on what path is best to take. This workshop presents basic tips and advice on how to:

- approach the stages of the writing and publishing process,
- become clear on what you're writing for whom and why, so you can find and build your audience before hitting the marketplace, Product Code: AUDIO20FHPP
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Getting Real with Bloggers

Speakers: PJ Ausdenmore, Lorelei Buzzetta, and Janet Rodman
Moderator: Christine Enta
Two hours
Join bloggers PJ Ausdenmore (The Romance Dish), Lorelei Buzzetta (Lorelei’s Lit Lair), and Janet Rodman (Joyfully Reviewed and Once Upon an Alpha) for a behind-the-scenes look at reviewing from a romance blogger's perspective. They’ll discuss how they pick books to review, genre/subgenre trends, their blogging process, how to stand out as an author, and much more!
Product Code: AUDIO20GRWB
Price: $6.00

RWA2020 Audio: Hot with Plot

Speaker: Nikki Sloane

You can’t pause the story when your characters want to hop into bed, but how do you keep the plot going as they get down to business? Join a three-time erotic romance RITA finalist as she discusses creating memorable love scenes that drive the story forward, reveal character, and generate page-turning conflict.

Product Code: AUDIO20HWP
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: How to Edit Your Book Using Character-Driven

RWA2020 Audio: How to Edit Your Book Using Character-Driven Details

Speaker: Roan Parrish
You know your characters — you created them. Now use the work you've already done to edit your book into the best version of itself. In this session, we'll explore concrete ways you can mobilize the details of your characters' personalities, world views, attitudes, interests, and histories to deepen the world and tighten the themes of your romance.

Product Code: AUDIO20HTEYB
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Inclusion and Equality in Practice

RWA2020 Audio: Inclusion and Equality in Practice: How Romance Writers and Editors Can Create Change

Speaker: John Jacobson
As diversity and inclusion become increasingly common in romance, we must consider what it means to put those terms into practice rather than use them as buzzwords. In this workshop, John Jacobson (they/them) proposes the creation of a practice within romance publishing that centers and uplifts marginalized voices. They will provide tangible ways that edi
Product Code: AUDIO20IEP
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Keynote with Shirley Hailstock

Enjoy this inspiring keynote speech from Shirley Hailstock!
Product Code: AUDIO20SH
Price: $0.00

RWA2020 Audio: Keynote with Xio Axelrod

Enjoy this powerful keynote by Xio Axelrod.
Product Code: AUDIOXA
Price: $0.00

RWA2020 Audio: Laughter Is Serious Business

Speakers: Tracy Brogan and Sally Kilpatrick

Adding humor to your work is no joke. Two best-selling authors share their tried and true tricks for tickling your readers' funny bones--and for keeping those readers turning pages. (NSFW)

Product Code: AUDIO20LISB
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Let's Talk About Sex

Speaker: LaQuette
Two hours
Struggling with writing believable sex scenes? This is the workshop for you. Learn how to create emotional, concrete, believable sex scenes that leave your characters breathless and your readers begging for more. (NSFW)

Product Code: AUDIO20LTAS
Price: $6.00

RWA2020 Audio: Leverage Photoshop to Help You Sell

Speaker: Regina Wamba of Mae I. Design

Join book cover designer and photographer Regina Wamba for a creative and comprehensive beginner's course for authors who want to level up their design skills, create their own marketing graphics, and leverage Photoshop to help them sell!

Product Code: AUDIO20LPHYS
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Librarians Day Keynote with Virginia Kantra

Enjoy this lovely Librarians Day keynote with Virginia Kantra.
Product Code: AUDIO20LDK
Price: $0.00

RWA2020 Audio: Long Game

Speaker: Nikki Sloane

Join Nikki as she discusses her year-long approach to leveling up. Two case studies will be presented, including strategies, marketing, budgets, and results. Learn what worked—and what didn’t—as she attempted to hit the USA Today bestseller list for the first time.

Product Code: AUDIO20LG
Price: $4.00

RWA2020 Audio: Marketing When Your Dough Is Low

Speaker: Siera London

USA Today bestselling author Siera London will share her strategies for generating book sales and creating a stable income with a budget-conscious marketing plan.
Product Code: AUDIO20MWDL
Price: $4.00