Qualifying Markets

Qualifying Markets (listed below) received a questionnaire that included the following statements:

As a professional writers' association, RWA stands firmly against any attempts to directly solicit RWA members to pursue vanity/subsidy publishing or other author-financed forms of publication. Publishing programs (lines, imprints or divisions) that directly solicit or refer writers to Predatory Publishing companies or other author-financed means of publication will not be allowed to participate in RWA’s annual conference as a featured publishing program.

For RWA purposes, "Predatory Publishing" means a business model based on selling products or services to authors rather than selling books to readers. Services or publishing packages offered by the entity are usually priced higher than similar services found in the open marketplace. Promises of mass-distribution, marketing services, or expertise in editorial, design and delivery of quality works made by Predatory Publishing companies are rarely fulfilled and often result in unsuccessful distribution or sales. This definition includes, but is not limited to, publishing programs that withhold or seek full or partial payment or reimbursement of publication or distribution costs before paying royalties.

To learn more about RWA Qualifying Markets, contact Laura Caputo at [email protected].

Management from the lines, imprints or divisions listed below certified to RWA that they have read and understand the above statement. They have attested that the publisher, line, imprint, or division they represent does not and will not refer RWA members to Predatory Publishing companies or author-financed publishing programs.

RWA makes no representations or warranties regarding the business practices or financial condition of any publisher. This being said, RWA members and other romance writers should make their own independent decisions about which publishers with which to do business, and RWA does not in any way encourage or discourage RWA members and other romance writers from making their own such independent business decisions. 

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