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RWA's new Deep Dive seminars are 2-3 hour webinars structured to immerse you in various topics. Check out upcoming Deep Dives or purchase access to previous Deep Dives.


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Deep Dive: Crafting Deep POV with Roan Parrish

Have you ever felt so connected with a character that it was a shock to put the book down and find yourself back in your own world? In this master class with author Roan Parrish, you’ll learn how to sink the reader deep into your character’s head and heart through presenting the world as only your character can, no matter what POV you're writing from. We will do exercises on how to craft dialogue, description, and internal monologue using character-driven details; how to edit any paragraph in yo
Member Price: $35.00

Deep Dive: Crafting the Carnal with Sierra Simone

They say sex sells, but what's the best way to write sensual stories that succeed critically and commercially? Author Sierra Simone will walk you through creating characters and premises that suffuse a story with sensuality, as well as designing plots and love scenes that are reciprocal and symbiotic with each other. The class will also cover creating a sexually charged narrative atmosphere, how to pace sex scenes, and how to build intimacies and tensions that imply erotic outcomes. Join us a
Product Code: VIDEODDCTC
Member Price: $35.00

Deep Dive: Dark Romance and Villainous Heroes

Do you love dark romance? Flawed heroes, alpha holes, villainous protagonists and the heroines who love them. Are you sympathetic to the bad guys in movies? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing dark romance but didn't know where to start? In this class, Eve Vaughn will break down what makes a dark romance, characteristics of villainous leading protagonists that still makes readers root for them.
Member Price: $15.00

Deep Dive: How I Survived Publishing with Carly Phillips

Sit down with New York Times best-selling author Carly Phillips for a candid conversation during which she’ll share everything she’s learned about surviving and thriving in publishing. Carly will share her journey from being a traditionally published author to all indie. She’ll give you tips for making the transition. She’ll share her secrets for how to stay competitive in the indie world. Plus, Carly will tell you what she’d go back and change about her career if she could. She’ll also do a liv
Member Price: $10.00

Deep Dive: Sprinting to the Finish Video

Sprinting can be one of the strongest tools in an author’s toolbox for getting words on paper in a consistent manner. In this workshop, authors Abigail Owen & Nicole Flockton will talk about what sprinting is, different ways to sprint, the importance of a sprinting partner, how sprinting can increase your output and help break through writer’s block, and more. This recording consists of 1 hour of lecture followed by a Q&A and 2-3 hours of guided sprinting.
Member Price: $10.00

Deep Dive: Write True with Jennifer Probst Video

Write True: A Bestseller’s Guide to Writing Craft and Achieving Success in the Romance Industry You can handle the truth. New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst teaches a surprising key to success in the romance industry: truth. Join Jennifer as she discusses the key to becoming a career author, handling fear, developing your craft, the importance of pivot in an ever-changing industry, and discovering your truth as a storyteller. This video recording consists of 2 hours of lecture fo
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Member Price: $35.00

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