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RWA2021 Video: #15minWIP: Time Management Techniques

#15minWIP: Time Management Techniques for Writing Around Distractions
Speaker: M. Malone
During the pandemic, everyone had to change how they work. I went from full days alone to two kids in virtual school and a husband who makes loud conference calls. So one day I thought if 15 minutes is what I’ve got, how can I use that? In this workshop, discover time management techniques to restructure your writing time, even if you only have 15 minutes.
Product Code: VIDEO2115MIN
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: A Fiction Writer’s Secret Weapon

A Fiction Writer’s Secret Weapon: Show, Don’t Tell
Speaker: Leslie Hall
Show, don’t tell. What does it really mean? How can we use it in stories? We’ll review the true meaning and how it connects to point of view, setting, and description. We’ll discuss how this tool helps connect readers to our stories, what “tell” looks like, and how to change it to “show.” We’ll review the before and after examples from books and music, and from attendee in class exercises.
Product Code: VIDEO21FWSW
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: AMA with Beverly Jenkins

Speaker: Beverly Jenkins
A Q&A about writing, romance, and career with award-winning author Beverly Jenkins.
Product Code: VIDEO21AMA
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Author Websites: From Blah to Boss

Speaker: Nate Hoffelder
An author’s website is their online office and storefront, but it doesn’t have to be a stodgy one. In this session, you will learn how, with just a little work, you can rapidly transform your author website from blah to boss. A good website doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars; your site can be as simple as a single page and still present a professional face to reviewers and help you connect with fans. It all starts with knowing what you want to do, and why.
Product Code: VIDEO21AWBB
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Book Mapping

Book Mapping or Being Your Own Developmental Editor
Speaker: Tobi Doyle
A book map is a big picture overview of a book, broken down chapter by chapter and scene by scene, usually in the form of a table. It is recommended to create a book map after your first draft. It allows you to objectively look at an entire story, all at once, and find the issues with pacing, character, and story development. (1.5 hours)
Product Code: VIDEO21BMDE
Price: $15.00

RWA2021 Video: Building an Author Platform

"The Three-Step Formula for Building an Author Platform," speaker: Fauzia Burke. Every author’s online platform is their biggest asset, and creating one is vitally important for your long-term success. However, there has never been more demands on an author’s time than today. In this session, you will learn which efforts are worth your time and which ones are a distraction.
Product Code: VIDEO21TSFAP
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Can We Be Friends?

Can We Be Friends? How to Cross-Promote with Other Romance Authors
Speaker: Laurie Cooper
This workshop teaches authors the benefits of cross-promotion as well as how to cross-promote with other romance authors and the online options available to them.
Product Code: VIDEO21CWBF
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Craft, Characters, Creativity, and Career

Speaker: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Lessons in Life and Career: Crafting books readers will want to read as you take care of yourself and manage your career.
Product Code: VIDEO21CCCC
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Crash Course: Interactive & Episodic Fiction

Speaker: Kate Johnson
Episodic and Interactive storytelling apps are popping out of the woodwork left and right. Kate Johnson, the co-founder of the Interactive Fiction app Zory, breaks down the basics of gamified fiction apps. She'll introduce the industry and touch on the history of interactive and episodic content before diving deeper into how to write compelling episodic and interactive stories-- the good, the bad, and the ugly. And how to avoid those last two categories.
Product Code: VIDEO21CCIEF
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Forever Young: Writing YA Fiction

Speakers: Patty Blount, Liz Hsu, Mary Karlik, Shaila Patel, and Lisa Brown Roberts
Join this panel of 5 award-winning and best-selling Young Adult authors for a lively discussion about what YA is and why it matters. (Hint: It is NOT a genre!) Our panel will define YA, identify its audience and its moderators in a debate about the necessity for a content rating system, and share predictions for 2022 YA fiction trends. (2 hours)
Product Code: VIDEO21FYYA
Price: $20.00

RWA2021 Video: Going from Indie Back to Traditional

Going from Indie Back to Traditional Publishing
Speaker: Vanessa Miller
In this session, we will discuss reasons in indie author might consider traditional publishing and things to do and not to do when going from going back to traditional publishing after being indie. (30 minutes)
Product Code: VIDEO21GFIT
Price: $5.00

RWA2021 Video: Harness Your Marketing Mindset Superpowers

Speaker: Carol Van Den Hende
To market your work, you need an author brand, visual identity and well-crafted marketing plans. After the hard work of writing a book, why do these marketing tasks seem daunting? Come to this workshop to learn from 20+ years of marketing and strategy experience. Find out why marketing isn’t manipulation. Overcome the most common marketing blockers using four simple mindset shifts.
Product Code: VIDEO21HYMMS
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Horses, Riding & Saddles, Oh My!

Speaker: Clarissa Kae.
Learn equine basics, from prehistoric to modern day. We’ll go over top writer mistakes, and why there’s never an American Quarter Horse behind Henry VIII’s carriage. Experience a crash course in equine science, from breeding to feeding—including sensory details needed in a manuscript.
Product Code: VIDEO21HRSOM
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Humor and Heat

Humor and Heat: How to Write Funny Without Sacrificing Sexual Tension
Speaker: Darynda Jones
Darynda will give tips on how to add comedy to any book, how to take your sexual tension from lukewarm to blisteringly hot, and how inserting humor hits at the right time can amp up that tension even more.
Product Code: VIDEO21HAH
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Indie Authors' Guide to Indie Editors

Speaker: Jen Graybeal
Editors are the not-so-secret sauce that help authors take their book to the next level. Everyone knows you need one, but finding the right editor for your project can be a challenge. Jen Graybeal has worked with indie published romance authors for years and is sharing the top ten things you need to know about finding, hiring and working with freelance editors.
Product Code: VIDEO21IAGIE
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Leverage Your Time and Resources

Leverage Your Time and Resources: Utilizing the Services of a Virtual Assistant
Speaker: Laina Turner
It can be hard to let go, but authors can't always do everything themselves. If you find yourself running in fifty directions and feeling ineffective at all of them, a virtual assistant may be what you need. This session will cover why you should hire a VA, when is the right time to hire, what tasks to offload to a VA, and how to create an effective workflow.
Product Code: VIDEO21LYTR
Price: $10.00

RWA2021 Video: Librarians Day Keynote

Librarians Day Keynote & AMA with Kimberla Lawson Roby
Speaker: Kimberla Lawson Roby
Best-selling author Kimberla Lawson Roby keynotes the 2021 RWA Librarians Day.
Product Code: VIDEO21LDK
Price: $0.00

RWA2021 Video: Loosing Your Inner Vixen

Loosing Your Inner Vixen: Writing Character-Driven Love Scenes
Speaker: Naima Simone
Many authors find writing those scenes—the love scenes—intimidating or frustrating to write. The fear or hesitation can originate from embarrassment and the “Oh no, I can’t write that!” voice inside their heads. Or the belief they cannot write a believable, passionate love scene. The purpose of this program is to offer the author an alternate way of approaching love scenes that may make writing them
Product Code: VIDEO21LYIV
Price: $15.00

RWA2021 Video: Lover's Lane Is Not a Dead End

Lover's Lane is Not a Dead End: Using Place to Drive Your Romantic Fiction
Speaker: Philip William Stover
In this interactive workshop we'll work together to think about place as a generative and exciting way to convey story. We will look at a few examples but mostly we will try out some pre-writing techniques to help writers in all stages move from terra incognita to terra firma. Bring anything from an idea for a story to a finished draft as material for our work together. (30 minut
Product Code: VIDEO21LLINDE
Price: $5.00

RWA2021 Video: Make Book Marketing Fun & Easy With Book Brus

Make Book Marketing Fun & Easy With Book Brush
Speaker: Kathleen Sweeney
See how fun & easy it is to use the Book Brush tools to create eye-catching marketing images, social media graphics, book covers and box set images. Plus explore video effects, animation, book trailers and more! Kathleen will share handy tips & tricks along the way and have time for Q & A, too. Learn why authors say Book Brush saves them both time and money.
Product Code: VIDEO21BOOKBR
Price: $5.00