RWA is committed to improving and expanding our diversity and inclusion efforts.  The purpose of this form is to gather information to share with the Board of Directors, the Staff and the RWA Diversity Committee.  By reporting the details of a specific incident or concern, leadership will have the opportunity to improve the association for all members.

Please note that you are welcome to complete and submit this form anonymously.  Should you choose to submit the form anonymously, RWA will make no effort to determine your identity or to pursue discipline of offending parties. However, if you wish to be contacted regarding your concern, please feel free to include contact information.

In order to better understand the specific incident or concern you are reporting, we ask that you complete the following information:


RWA takes claims of mistreatment, bias or prejudice very seriously and we are committed to resolving issues to the best of our ability.  Please note that submission of this form does not, in any way, supercede legal action or litigation on the part of the submitter.