Industry News—March 15, 2015

Here's the Industry News for March 15.

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Avoiding the vague swamp
by Linda Clare 

Keeping a secret – a great backstory technique
by Laura Drake 

4 tips for handling multiple perspectives in a third person narrative
by Nathan Bransford 

This surprising reading level analysis will change the way you write
by  Shane Snow 


Don't say I didn't warn you: things to consider before querying an agent
by Leah Ferguson 

How to write a great author bio that will connect with readers
by Chris Robley 

8 ways Pinterest can help your writing career
by Jennifer Austin 

Authors and social media: Keep your opinions to yourself?
by Racheline Maltese 

How NOT to sell books: top 10 social media marketing no-nos for authors
by Anne R. Allen 

 Writer's Life

Snakes on a brain: the cognitive effects of multitasking
by Therese Walsh  

The toxicity of talent
by Chuck Wendig 

3 insights into writing about social issues
by Lisa Bennett 


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