May Writing Challenge Prize Winner

Congratulations to the following members participating in The End writing challenge who reached the minimum word count goal of 2,000 words written in May!

The May prize winner, selected at random from among all the goal reachers, is Cathy Perkins.

May Goal Reachers

Tanya Agler
Jackie Leigh Allen
Brenna Ash
Renee N. Bates
Mary Baumhoer
Rhoda Baxter
Elaine Bedigian
Jacquie Biggar
Crystal Bowling
Renita Bradley
Nancy S. Brandt
Cami Brite
Barbara M. Britton
Kella Carlton
Brina Cary
Catherine Chant
Susan Chapek
Megan Chriss
Sarah E. Claire
Jessica Cline
Jerrie Cole
Donna Confer
Deborah Cracovia
Kathy Crouch
Natalie J. Damschroder
Brenda Davis
Claire Davon
Gail Dayton
JoMarie DeGioia
Anna DePalo
Joyce DiPastena
Lynn M Dyskievicz-Dick 
Teresa Eckford
Janet Elizabetta
Melissa Elston
Jeanine Englert
Margaret Ethridge
Dianne Farb
Lisa Fenley
Tricia Fenmore
Maria Ferrer
M.J. Gallo
Carolyn Girton
Michelle Graham
Marian Griffin
Jacqueline Guidry
Sheery Hall
Julia Harris
PJ Harrison
Barbara Heintz
Valerie A Henderson
Holly Hight
Linda Hornung
Margaret-Mary Jaeger
Silver James
Arianna James
Donna Kaye
Angela Keck
Elle Keen
Ruth Kenjura
Ginger Kenney
Michelle Knowlden
Joan Koster
Donna Kunkel
Sheila Larkin
Ellen Lindseth
Molly Maka
Allie Marie
L.H. Marley
Ingrid McCarthy
Tina Swayzee McCright
Marin McGinnis
Heather M. Miles
Erica Mitchell
Edwina Moore
Rhenna Morgan
Tempeste O'Riley
Stephanie Osborn
Kim Owen
Charity Parkerson
Karen Pate
Diane Pearson
Claranne Perkins
Cathy Perkins
Maria Piork
Cheryl Pitones
Christine Poe
Emma Leigh Reed
Ursula Renee
Linda Rice
Erica Ridley
Laura Russell
Sophia Sasson
Elizabeth Schechter
E.M. Shue
Christina Silverio
Danica Sorber
Lizzie Starr
Virginia Sutherland
Holly Abbie Sweany
C.A. Szarek
Josephine Templeton
West Thornhill
C.D. Watson
Sandra R. Woods
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The End

June 5, 2015 09:51 PM by Cathy Perkins

This program has helped me write consistently - and really made my word count soar! Thanks for the Craft Sessions from RWA National. I'm excited to listen to them.

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