Swafford Honored as 2015 PRO Mentor of the Year

Congratulations, Carla Swafford, the 2015 PRO Mentor of the Year! Every year, RWA’s PRO community proudly recognizes authors from the Published Authors Network (PAN) who go the extra mile to aid PRO writers in their quest for publication.

Carla Swafford, a member and active participant in several RWA chapters, has been called friend and mentor. Always willing to give a hand up, she attends monthly meetings, presents workshops, welcomes visitors and new members, and reaches out to encourage writers in all stages of their careers.

From holding elected office to coordinating contests, to serving as newsletter editor and blog coordinator, Carla has volunteered in many of her chapters' service positions.

These words are from the nomination:

“Carla often says that social media and an online presence are important, but if you want a career as a writer, you have to write. We all choose how we spend our time, and her focus, and what she recommends other writers should focus on, is getting words on the page. When I joined the chapter, Carla was the first person I heard say, 'Write the next book.' I took her advice and am about to publish my third contemporary romance novel. 

When asked, she freely shares her experience in delving into another foray of publishing. She isn't afraid to experiment and try new things when it comes to publishing and genres. She is the first to tell you how things can change quickly and to remain relevant, we must adapt and stretch our wings.”

Please join the PRO Steering Committee in honoring Carla Swafford as our 2015 PRO Mentor of the Year.

Carla will be joining us at our PRO Retreat in New York City to receive her award.



July 2, 2015 07:08 AM by Jessica Trapp

Congratulations, Carla! 

Congratulations to Swafford Honored as 2015 PRO Mentor of the Year

July 8, 2015 10:42 AM by Gail Ingis

Carla's dedication to the writing community goes beyond . . . . Good for her. She is a great role model.

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