ONLINE WORKSHOP: Let’s Dress Up: Rhythm, Rhyme, & Adding Pizzazz

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 Another Romantic ‘Weekend Away’ in Romantic Women’s Fiction


Let’s Dress Up: Rhythm, Rhyme, & Adding Pizzazz

October 15-18, 2015


Spend an online weekend dressing up your writing! Sign up now for our new online workshop, with award-winning author and writing coach, Virginia McCullough.


RWF Members: $15
Other RWA members: $25
General Public: $35

Overview: Flat or flowing, boring or brilliant? What separates good writing from fine writing? Sometimes it’s a matter of adding final touches, dressing up our novels with a smattering of carefully chosen accessories. Word choice or word order and repeated sounds or well-placed similes can add the pizzazz that lifts our work a notch or two and takes it from good to fine.

In both fiction and nonfiction, the difference between an awkward sentence and a graceful one is often found in the way it’s heard, rather than seen. And simple changes can include rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, length, and more. Even a shift in word choice or word order can help give our books the soaring quality that matches our vision. Virginia will use examples from a variety of Women’s Fiction authors and examine the big picture of our finished manuscripts by pulling out the small details and devices that can dress up our books and add pizzazz.

Format: As an online workshop, this program is catered to fit your own particular schedules.

Here’s how it works:

(10/16) Friday morning—Intro: Presenter Virginia McCullough will upload an introductory post, followed by a day-long (at your convenience) presenter/community online discussion.

(10/17) Saturday morning—Techniques & Tips: Virginia will offer another post on techniques and tips for dressing up—through providing successful examples from selected published works, followed by a day-long (at your convenience) presenter/community online discussion with the workshop community.

(10/18) Sunday—Feedback: Relying on her extensive coaching expertise, Virginia invites participants to share a passage or excerpt for her feedback, as well as community input.

Professional Bio:  Author of several highly acclaimed novels, Virginia McCullough has just released, The Jacks of Her Heart, (a lighter-side take on romance in middle-age), the first book of her Capehart Bay series. Her fourth novel, Amber Light, was just named the winner of the 2015 Write Touch Readers Award in the “romantic elements” category. Her other titles include Greta's Grace, Island Healing, and The Chapels on the Hill. Virginia’s novels offer hope, healing, and plenty of second chances—and her characters always share some fun and laughter along the way, too. Before turning to fiction, Virginia served as a ghostwriter/editor and coauthor for doctors, lawyers, professional speakers, and many others, and wrote over 100 books for her clients. She recently coauthored (w/Lynda McDaniel) Write Your Book Now, Storytelling Toolkit, and Book Proposals Made Easy, available on She currently lives in Wisconsin. Contact/Visit Virginia at

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