Board Meeting Highlights

The RWA Board of Directors had a productive meeting in San Diego, July 10-11. Below are some highlights from the meeting.

(1) Rules for the 2017 RITA and Golden Heart contests were approved. Items of note:

  • ​The RITA entry process will be staggered: there will be a limit of 3 entries for each entrant during the first 7 days of the submission process.
  • ​There is a $50 per entry fee for the first 3 RITA entries. Entrants may submit up to 3 additional entries (for a total of 6) at a fee of $100 per entry if the contest has not received a full slate of paid entries after the first 7 days of the entry period.
  • ​Any new category will be introduced with a 1-year probationary period in order to assess success or need for refinement. Provisional categories will be limited to 100 entries.
  • ​“Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance” was added as a provisional category.
  • ​The Inspirational Romance category is now “Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements” (see category description).
  • ​A task force will review the Golden Heart Contest to make sure this award maintains value among unpublished members amid changes in the publishing landscape.

(2) RWA obtained a legal opinion as to whether publisher statements might affect the contract.

(3) Honor Roll policy was amended to include authors who have sold at least 100,000 copies of one book in a single language. Also, authors who hit on any New York Times or Publishers Weekly bestseller list qualify. Qualifications for the USA Today list remain the same.

(4) A task force will study the feasibility of an RWA-sponsored summit on diversity within romance publishing.

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