Frankfurt Book Fair: Day 1 Summary

RWA staff members at the Frankfurt Book Fair had a productive and enlightening first day of meetings.RWA Honor Roll list in Frankfurt booth

Insights from day one:

  • Honor Roll Authors: One wall of the RWA booth lists all of the Honor Roll author names, and it’s been very effective in discussions about authors. Some publishers have pointed to the different names and talked about how they publish that person in German, French, etc. Others have pointed and said they would like to publish that specific person. It’s a great conversational tool.
  • Rights/Discovery Program: Foreign publishers are very interested in an RWA database of authors they can search to see who they may want to translate.
  • RWA Conference: Foreign editors and agents often go to the RWA Conference to meet with American editors and agents to find out about new works they may be interested in. They expressed interest in arranging business meetings as well as networking with published authors. Also, the foreign editors and agents like attending trends panels and publisher spotlights, so they can learn about what is up and coming in American romance fiction.
  • Bloggers: RWA has a blogger event planned for Friday, October 21. The bloggers that staff have talked to so far would like information on how to get/review e-books (in English) from authors and/or publishers.
  • LovelyBooks: LovelyBooks is similar to a Goodreads for German readers. They have 1,000,000 users and 250,000 account holders (accounts are free). Authors that speak English but have books in German can claim their author profiles. (Romance is second on their site only to Crime/Thriller.) They would like to work with RWA and its members in some capacity in the future.


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