Samhain Modification Agreement Update

Two key elements of RWA's mission are advocacy and education. Due to the number of affected authors and the confusing language contained in the Modification Agreement recently offered by Samhain Publishing, RWA requested an opinion from a respected literary attorney. The letter is too lengthy to share here, but it is available, on request, to affected RWA members. It should be noted that the letter expresses one attorney’s opinion, and it is based on a review of two contracts and the Modification Agreement supplied to RWA by Cris Brashear. Information contained in the opinion letter should be deemed as general advice, and authors are encouraged to seek legal advice specific to their situations.

Because RWA belongs to its members, authors who request a copy of the letter are asked to understand and respect the purpose of providing the information is to benefit authors. We therefore respectfully request that authors not share the information with anyone other than their agents or legal representatives.

To request a copy of the letter, email Carol Ritter (

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