July Board Meeting Agenda

Proposed Agenda

July 2017 Meeting

Walt Disney World® Dolphin Hotel, Americas Seminar Room


Sunday, July 23

8:30 a.m. (ET)

Call to Order

President’s Report

President-Elect Report

Secretary’s Report

Motion to amend Emma Merritt award policy

Treasurer’s Report

Motion to Combine Two Reserve Accounts

Motion to Shift Responsibility for Audit Committee to Finance Committee

Motion to create parental leave policy

Motion to approve budget variance to fund a position for PR person

Office Report

Chapter Advisor Report

PAN Advisor Report

PRO Advisor Report

Motions to amend PRO membership policy

Motion to amend election policy for PRO Advisor

Motion to amend election policy for PAN Advisor

Awards Ceremony Committee Report Conference Workshop Committee Report

Diversity Committee Report

Leadership Development Committee Report

Task Force Reports

Board Advisors Job Description Task Force

Motion to Amend Policy Regarding Chapter Advisor Responsibilities

Motion to Amend Policy Regarding PAN Advisor Responsibilities

Motion to Amend Policy Regarding PRO Advisor Responsibilities

Code of Ethics Task Force Report

PR Task Force Report

Diversity Summit Task Force Report

Spectrum Grant Task Force Report

Motion to Create a Standing Committee for Conference Grants and Scholarships

Motion to Create procedures for the Conference Grant and Scholarship Committee

Motion to define “RWA Spectrum Grant” in the Policies Manual

Motion to Create Annual Funding for the RWA Spectrum Grant

Motion to Change the Spectrum Grant Task Force’s charge

GH Task Force Report

RITA Task Force Report

RITA/GH Rules Discussion 2018

Motion to make Mainstream Romance a permanent category in the RITAs


Monday, July 24

8:30 (ET)

Call to Order

Executive Session (members not admitted; estimated time 30 minutes to 1 hour)

Motions out of Executive Session: Motion to approve assistant chair appointments

Discuss revised Contest Manual based on previous day’s discussion

Strategic Planning

IT Task Force Report

Budget Task Force Committee

Chapter National Assistance Task Force

National and Chapter Partnership Task Force

Chapter Leadership Resource Ad Hoc Committee Report

Motion to Establish a Task Force to Explore Programming, Resources, and Other Tools for Published Members


New Business



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