iBooks Meeting Recap

During RWA’s conference in Orlando, President Leslie Kelly and Executive Director Allison Kelley met with the senior counsel at Apple to discuss pirated books available in iBooks. The attorney assured RWA's representatives that Apple is working around the clock to implement processes to prevent the uploading of pirated works and to remove existing links. Apple added staff and software to monitor and, hopefully, prevent this from happening in the future.

Without attempting to excuse or minimize the problem, the attorney explained that most purchases are made from direct links provided by authors or from Apple’s suggested buys (best-sellers, based on previous purchases, etc.). Apple is able to isolate purchases made from links to the pirated copies, and the attorney shared numbers of books sold for one specific example. In that instance, the number of books sold based on the pirated copy was less than five. Once any person or business is identified as having uploaded pirated works, all books associated with that login are removed from iBooks. Affected authors can request a review of sales by contacting their reps directly.

RWA wishes to thank Apple for responding quickly when RWA sent notice of the problem and for meeting with us in Orlando. We look forward to working more closely with Apple and other retailers to ensure that authors’ rights compensation are adequately safeguarded.


Update on iBooks Piracy:

Last week, RWA stated that authors who wanted an audit of the sales of their pirated books should contact their representative. In fact, Apple would prefer that authors first use this form to report alleged copying: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/ibooksstorenotices. Then, if authors wish to follow up to request more information about the financial implications of an allegedly infringing copy, they should send an email to ibooks.store.notices@apple.com

RWA would like to thank Apple for working so hard to correct this issue for all our members. 


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