RWA2018 Workshop Submissions Now Open

New submission forms this year!

The RWA2018 speaker process will work differently than in previous years. In our ongoing efforts to increase the value of the educational content RWA provides members, we’re looking for high-level content and fresh, fascinating, and relevant approaches to the challenges facing all professional romance writers, no matter the stage of their career or their path to success.

The workshop committee will review all speaker applications and invite presenters to speak on specific topics. Please send questions to

Deadline: November 1, 2017 (earlier is better)


Speaker Submissions

Please fill out one of two forms:

1. Submit an idea for a topic or speaker other than yourself.

Submit topic or speaker recommendation

2. Submit a form to recommend yourself as a speaker to the RWA2018 Workshop Committee. On this form, list your areas of expertise and potential topics on which you can speak. If any of your topics require another person to present with you, there is a space to list these individuals as well.

Submit self-recommendation


RWA2018 Workshop Form FAQ

Why can't I submit using the old format?

With the previous submission process, the workshop committee would receive multiple panel submissions on the same topic, and because of the sheer number, many proposals and potential presenters were overlooked. As we strive to keep our content and speakers fresh, this new, speaker-focused, submission process will help to eliminate this problem. If speakers submit themselves as qualified to present on multiple topics, the workshop committee will be better able to utilize their expertise in ways that may have been overlooked under the old format.


Why has the format changed?

Attending the annual conference every year is a huge commitment for writers to make and we want to ensure they are getting the most relevant, highest quality content, as well as learning new aspects of the business and craft every year.  In post conference surveys over the years, the membership has indicated they are looking for fresher content from a wider range of speakers at varying levels of experience. With this new submission process, we're giving our workshop committee the tools to meet those needs.


Why am I being asked for my experience level, unique approach, and qualifications for the topics on which I want to speak? 

As mentioned above, the membership has expressed a desire for more fresh, varied content. Having this information will allow the workshop committee to pinpoint potential speakers who have the background to speak on unique topics we may not have heard before, or speakers who have a different take on past workshops but who have not had the opportunity to present before because of the overwhelming number of submissions received. With this information, we are also ensuring that the committee can promise when a member attends a workshop, they are hearing from one of the most qualified speakers on the topic.


I don't know if my qualifications fit what you're looking for. Should I still submit myself?

Yes! With the new format, we are not looking to discourage members from submitting panel ideas or submitting themselves as speakers--quite the opposite.  If you feel you have the expertise or perspective to speak to a certain topic and/or to writers in various levels of their careers, we want to hear from you! Our goal is to make our workshop content as diverse, relevant, and valuable to every conference attendee as possible.


Have more questions about the new workshop and speaker submission process? We'd love to help! Please email for more information. 

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