Call for Nominations: 2018 PRO Mentor of the Year

Since 2004, RWA’s PRO community has proudly recognized authors from the Published Authors Network (PAN) who go the extra mile to aid PRO writers in their quest for publication. 

Has your writing career been helped by a PAN author who acted as a trusted adviser, counselor or teacher?  Well, here’s your chance to nominate her/him for the recognition she/he deserves as this year’s PRO Mentor of the Year. 

PRO Mentor of the Year requirements: 

  • Nominees must be members of PAN for at least one year prior to receiving the award.
  • Nominations will be accepted only from current PRO members. 
  • The PRO Liaison and PRO Steering Committee will select a recipient from the nominees.
  • Selection of the PRO Mentor of the Year is based on the quality of the nominee’s contributions to the PRO community.
  • The PRO Mentor of the Year award may be selected annually if a candidate is nominated who clearly meets the level of excellence established by past recipients of the award.
  • If a recipient is selected, she/he will be announced in May and the award will be presented during the PRO Retreat at the 2018 RWA National Conference in Denver, Colorado. 


Submit Nomination



Who can submit a nomination?

Any current PRO member can submit a nomination; nominations may be made by individuals or by multiple PROs collaborating on the nomination.


How do I/we submit a nomination?

The submissions form can be found online at myRWA in the PRO Community. If you have questions regarding the form or the process, contact the RWA Office at 832-717-5200, Ext. 121, or email You can begin submitting March 1, 2018. Deadline for nominations: April 16, 2018.


I just made Provisional PAN, but I want to nominate the PAN member who helped me get here. Why can’t I?

Congratulations on this step in your career! Unfortunately, because you are not a current member of the PRO community, you cannot nominate your PAN member. However, if the PAN member is working with current PRO members, you can collaborate with a PRO member to nominate this person.


I am a PAN member and work with PRO members all of the time. How do I nominate myself?

Thank you for working with your PRO members. All of us in the PRO community appreciate the PAN members who help us on our journey to joining the ranks of PAN. Unfortunately, you are not a current member of the PRO community and can’t nominate yourself.


I am a member of PRO, but no PAN member has worked with me. How do I get a PAN member to mentor me?

Congratulations on being PRO! Most mentorship programs happen within local or online interest chapters. Have you joined a chapter? If you are a member of a chapter and they don’t have a mentorship program, perhaps you can suggest this and help set it up and run it for your chapter. All chapters are always looking for volunteers and programs that will help the membership. Remember that mentorships shouldn’t just be a one-way street. How can you also give back to the PAN member who is mentoring you?


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