Watch the RITA & Golden Heart Ceremonies Live!

Can't make it to RWA2018 this year? We're streaming both awards ceremonies live!

The Golden Heart Awards Luncheon, hosted by Pintip Dunn, will be held on July 19 from 12:15 to 2:00 p.m. (MDT). Industry award recipients also will be recognized.

The RITA Awards Ceremony, hosted by Erica Ridley, will be held on July 19 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. (MDT).

Link to live stream:


Live streaming...????

July 9, 2018 09:53 PM by Linda Anne Hill

For those of us not-technically inclined.... please tell us where to go to find out how to live stream the awards events. A step by step guide would be helpful.

Also.... doesn't the time zone differences affect the ceremony start times...???

Any info will be appreciated... thanks


Linda Hill 

Time Zones for the GH and RITa

July 16, 2018 10:30 AM by Caro Kinkead

For Linda and anyone else who needs the time zone conversion:

GH Start Times:

ET – 2:15 PM

CT – 1:15 PM

MT – 12:15 PM (Denver time)

PT — 11:15 AM

RITA Start Times:

ET – 9:00 PM

CT – 8:00 PM

MT – 7:00 PM

PT – 6:00 PM

I have team members at my day job in all those time zones (and a chunk of folks in Denver itself), so I end up do this type of conversion every day. Denver’s only an hour ahead of us on the West Coast, so that’s an easy one. But to convert any Denver starting times, for ET +2, CT +1, PT -1 hour.

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