Update on RWA’s Membership Classification Discussions

For the past several years, RWA's Boards of Directors have discussed membership issues. This year, because the IRS is taking a closer look at nonprofit organizations such as ours, the Board realizes that action on these issues should no longer be delayed indefinitely.

There are, essentially, two sets of membership issues: those concerning RWA's voting structure, and those concerning RWA's community structure, specifically the Published Authors Network (PAN) and PRO. These issues have recently been communicated to members via articles in the Romance Writers Report (RWR) and eNotes.

My February 2014 RWR “From the President” column summarized some of the membership issues relating to voting structure: http://www.rwa.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=683

In the July 1, 2014, issue of eNotes, Treasurer Diane Kelly noted how the IRS "close look" may affect RWA: http://www.rwa.org/p/bl/ar/blogaid=782

Former RWA President Sylvia Day discussed the PAN and PRO issues in her September 2013 RWR “From the President” column: http://www.rwa.org/p/do/sd/sid=5057&type=0

I invite you to read these items for a quick review of some of the Board's ongoing membership-related discussions.

As you can see on the agenda for the July meeting, membership issues will once again be a Board discussion topic: http://www.rwa.org/p/bl/et/blogid=20&blogaid=788

There are no motions regarding these issues on the July agenda; there will be no votes on these issues taken during the July meeting. The Membership Classification Team, which was formed in November 2013, will continue its work of analyzing policy and making suggestions for the Board’s consideration.

The Board is aware of discussions among the members regarding possible changes to membership policies, and an FAQ addressing members' concerns will be forthcoming. In addition, the Board has plans for future communications on these topics in order to keep members informed.

I hope you will agree that your Board of Directors can't continue to discuss these issues endlessly, and I hope that you, too, will offer your suggestions for your Board to consider.

— Terry McLaughlin, President, RWA Board of Directors

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