IGO Contest Finalists, Winners, and Best of the Best!

Congratulations to the 2014 Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest finalists, winners, and Best of the Best!

Good luck to those entering the 2015 Golden Heart Contest!

Contemporary Romance:

  • First Place: Jennifer Sanchez – First Blush (Request from Latoya Smith)
  • Second Place: Mia Sosa - Inevitable
  • Third Place: Betty L. Unkel – Meadow Wind

Historical Romance:

  • First Place: Jayne Diamond – The Governess Files (Requests from Erin Molta and Laura Fazio)
  • Second Place: Elysabeth Grace – By Love Unbound (Request from Erin Molta)
  • Third Place: Amanda Aubuchon – More Than Meets the Eye

Paranormal Romance:

  • First Place: C. Marie Bowen - Stranger
  • Second Place: Jillian David – Hell to Pay
  • Third Place: Philisha B. Stephens – Earthly Force

Romantic Suspense:

  • First Place: Tracy Poole – A Shot Worth Taking
  • Second Place: Lisa Lee – Legacy of Deception
  • Third Place: Kathryn MacDonald Schneeman – Running the Cobblestone

Young Adult Romance:

  • First Place: McCall Hoyle – The Other Cheek (Request from Stephanie Taylor) Best of the Best!!!
  • Second Place: Stephanie Scott – Sunset Summer (Request from Stephanie Taylor)
  • Third Place: Carolyn Chambers Clark – Secrets
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