Online workshop: Getting to Know You: The Intimacy of the First-Person Voice in Women’s Fiction

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 Getting to Know You: The Intimacy of the First-Person Voice in Women’s Fiction
March 6-8, 2015


Spend an online weekend with us in an exciting, writerly Place—Enroll now in our online workshop—with award-winning author & writing coach, Virginia McCullough.

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When we begin to study fiction craft, we soon learn that while the first-person voice has its place, it can be limiting. True enough, we only see the story unfold from the direct perspective of one character—oh, but what a perspective it is! And it seems readers like being invited to listen to a solo narrator tell her story, perhaps because it’s reminiscent of the oral tradition of our ancient past. Or, maybe these first-person stories can be likened to confiding in our best pals or making new friends and slowly telling each other our longings and regrets, hence its popularity with readers of Women’s Fiction.

Whether it’s reliving a defining incident from the past, mulling over a life-altering decision, or escaping imminent danger, first-person novels rely on the intimacy between writer and reader. Using examples from Women’s Fiction, this workshop explores the pros and cons of the first-person voice, along with examining the reasons many readers are hooked by intimate revelations, even when they judge or second-guess the narrator. 

Format: As an online workshop, this program is catered to fit your own particular schedules.

Here’s how it works:

(3/6) Friday morning—“All about ME: First Person Narrators and their Appeal” Presenter Virginia McCullough will upload an introductory post, followed by a day-long (at your convenience) presenter/community online discussion.

(3/7) Saturday morning—Techniques & Tips: Virginia will offer another post on techniques and tips for creating a rich first person persona in your writing, through providing successful examples from selected published works, followed by a day-long (at your convenience) presenter/community online discussion with the workshop community.

(3/8) Sunday—Feedback: Relying on her extensive coaching expertise, Virginia invites participants to share a passage, excerpt, or ideas regarding creating alluring environments for her feedback, as well as community input.

Register at the following link:

About the Speaker:

Virginia McCullough’s award-winning novels include her two Amazon bestselling titles, Amber Light and Greta’s Grace. She’s also the author of Island Healing, (Book 1of the St. Anne's Island Series), and Chapels on the HillIn March 2015, she’s releasing The Jacks of Her Heart, her lighter take on romance in middle age. Located in intriguing placesenvironments—her novels offer hope, healing, and plenty of second chances—while sharing some fun and laughter along the way. A lifelong independent writer, Virginia has served as a ghostwriter/editor and coauthor, having written over 100 books for/with her clients. An experienced speaker and presenter, Virginia (with colleague, Lynda McDaniel), cofounded, The Book Catalysts, a book writing coaching service that also offers webinars and an array tools for writers. Virginia coauthored (w/Lynda McDaniel) Write Your Book Now and Storytelling Toolkit(available on Amazon). She currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she serves as the President of WisRWA (Wisconsin Romance Writers). A three-time Golden Heart’s finalist, Virginia’s manuscripts have been chosen as finalists in many contests, and she’s also won a few. Visit Virginia at, on FacebookLinkedIn, and Goodreads.

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