RWA Reaffirms Its Dedication to Diversity Efforts

Romance Writers of America’s Board of Directors is aware of a difference in opinion regarding a column from a well-known reviewer on the subject of diversity and members of RWA who did not agree with the reviewer’s treatment of the subject.

Members of RWA's Board of Directors are entitled as individuals to voice their opinions on any issue, as is every member of RWA. Board members are not silenced simply because they sit on the board.

RWA is a professional organization dedicated to furthering the professional interests of romance writers. While many of us have strong friendships with fellow members, RWA is not a social club. As always, RWA encourages open dialogue among members. Differences of opinion are welcome and encouraged. It is not the organization’s job or desire to monitor or comment on tone, content, or opinion unless it is found to be in violation of the RWA Code of Ethics.

Finally, as noted by the Diversity Ad Hoc Committee in its November 2015 report, RWA members have experienced "two RWAs”: one that privileges Caucasian, cis-presenting, heterosexual, non-disabled authors, and another that has felt less welcomed. The experiences of those two groups vary greatly. The report is available to all members and members are urged to read it here: (Page 9).

RWA’s staff and Board are dedicated to ending discriminatory treatment within our organization and addressing discrimination within the publishing industry. These efforts have been underway for many months and will continue.

Members are welcome to write the Board with thoughts or concerns.


Thank You

January 30, 2016 02:25 AM by Evangeline Holland


Additional Information

February 1, 2016 11:32 AM by Isis Bastet

Please identify the name of the article and its author. 

Link to Original Article

February 1, 2016 05:23 PM by Isis Bastet

Thanks to Leslie Scantlebury for providing the following a link to the original article.

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