Update on 2018 Chapter Excellence Award

On May 1, 2018, RWA’s board voted to rescind the 2018 Chapter Excellence Award granted to Washington Romance Writers (Washington, D.C.). This decision was made after extensive review and deliberation, because the board found it impossible to hold Washington Romance Writers up as an example of excellence due to a number of complaints received after the board voted to grant the award.

Incidents reported to RWA were submitted by WRW members as well as meeting and retreat attendees who were made to feel unwelcome, disrespected, and embarrassed by members of Washington Romance Writers. Such incidents potentially violate RWA’s Code of Ethics for Members, RWA’s By-Laws, Chapter By-Laws, and are clearly in violation of the Chapter Code of Conduct recently adopted by RWA and required to be included in all chapters’ governing documents by March 2019.

RWA’s board is dedicated to ensuring that all members feel respected, and we will no longer tolerate insensitive or biased behavior. We hope and expect that WRW is willing to take steps to ensure its future success as an RWA chapter. Only by working together can we make RWA stronger.

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Chapter Excellence Award

May 8, 2018 05:14 PM by Wendy Schwartz

I am sure that this was a troubling and painful process. Thank you for taking a stand and making a difficult decision that will, in the end, make RWA a better and more inclusive organization. 

Thank you

May 9, 2018 09:27 AM by Carmen Cook

This couldn't have been an easy decision. I applaud the board for having the difficult discussion and standing by their word on what is acceptable behavior from chapters. Hopefully this is just a small step toward the change that needs to happen. 

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