Check Out the RWA U Classes in February

Beginning in February 2013, RWA University will offer two forum classes per month. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer! Learn more at, or e-mail with questions.

Check out the February 2013 RWA U schedule:

  • February 4–15, RWA U Class (Paid): “Writing with Emotional Intensity.” Presenter: acclaimed teacher and USA Today best-selling author Patricia Kay. This class will take place on the RWA U forum in myRWA and will only be available to participants who register and pay for the class. The cost to participate is $10 for RWA members. Register for the class at
  • February 11–15, RWA U Class (Free): “Let Your Characters Write Your Plot.” Presenter: USA Today best-selling contemporary romance author Christie Ridgway. The class will take place on an RWA U forum in myRWA and is at no cost to members. Subscribe at


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