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Enjoy a relaxing slumber party, romance-writer style—with PJs and lots of laughter. Spend the weekend curled up with your laptop or join informal discussions on craft, inspiration, and publishing. 

November 9-11, 2018


More details:

This package includes 2 nights in one of the 4 Reserved Rooms with a private bathroom (top bunks will be used, and this is one person per bed)

2 Breakfasts – Saturday and Sunday provided by Rawhide Ranch

Consisting of:

Eggs                           Biscuits and Gravy             Sausage

Pancakes                  OJ, Milk, Coffee

 Saturday Lunch

We will be providing Sandwich Fixins’

Assorted Salads  Chips         Drinks         

Dinner by Rawhide Ranch

Pulled Pork on Buns             Mac-n-Cheese

Spring Mix Salad         Green Beans

Brownie, Ice Cream with Homemade Jack Daniels Sauce

Ice Tea, Coffee, Water

** If you have Special Diet Needs- Please Contact Anya or Melanie Jayne immediately after Registering.


-We are capping the attendance at 16 members.

-If those spots are filled and you still want to come - Then Please contact Rawhide Ranch directly for lodging arrangements. You are welcome to request a discount by mentioning IRWA but they are not obligated to give any discount.  

-Because the one day Bootcamp Event was held in July, we will NOT be offering the Saturday only ticket.

Optional Extras Available 
(attendee is responsible for booking/payment)

Zip Line

$25 - attendee pays separately.

There is a weight limit and you will have to step on a scale. Please Read the information on their website at

You will be asked to sign a Liability Waiver and a Medical Disclosure. Please direct all questions to Rawhide Ranch.



Guided Horseback Riding

$25 - attendee pays separately. 
Please refer to the Website for information.

There are Requirements and Restrictions. Please read the list on the website. You will be weighed and there are waivers and medical disclosures that need to be provided.



Please Note: The 2017 Retreat at Bradford Woods was $170. It was 2 nights and 5 meals.

This year, Friday night dinner is NOT included in the 2018 Retreat Package. You are welcome to bring your own dinner, come after dinner, or take advantage of one of the many dining options in Nashville. At this time there is no pizza delivery to Rawhide Ranch.

Friday night, there will be a Campfire (Weather Permitting)

Adult beverages are allowed

Saturday—During the day, you are on your own schedule. We have access to the living room styled common space outside the rooms and if the first floor is not booked for an event, then we can also use that space, or the outside. You can take advantage of the Ranch’s activities, or travel into Nashville and visit the shops.

After dinner- we will have a Campfire (Weather Permitting)

Sunday—You must check out of your room by the stated time, but you may stay in the common areas for as long as you like.