2017 RITA Judging: Entering Scores Online

2017 RITA Judging: Entering Scores Online

Scores may be entered online, or judges may mail, fax or scan and e-mail score sheets to carol.ritter@rwa.org.

If you wish to enter your scores online please follow the step-by-step instructions below.  The link to to the online score sheet is at the end of the instructions.

After clicking the link below to enter scores online, judges are asked to review the RITA judging overview.  Click I have read the rules and guidelines and agree to these conditions.

Click Continue

Book assignments will be listed.   

  • Click on the title of the book you wish to score (the book title is a link).
  • In the Ratings section select a score from the drop down by clicking on the arrow next to the score box.  
  • Click Yes or No next to the following three questions:
    1. Does the entry contain a central love story?
    2. Is the resolution of the romance emotionally satisfying and optimistic?
    3. Does the entry fall within the category description?
  • Click the Draft link above the Ratings section, and select Final.
  • Click the Back to Judgings button. You will return to the list of assigned entries.

Click Here To Enter Scores Online.  You must be logged into myRWA to access online score sheet.

Contact carol.ritter@rwa.org with questions.

If you wish to mail, fax, or e-mail your score sheet to the RWA office, the information is listed below.

RWA mailing address is: 

RWA - Atten: RITA Contest

14615 Benfer Rd.

Houston, TX 77069 USA

RWA main fax number: (832) 717-5201

Email address: carol.ritter@rwa.org