The deadline to enter has passed. A list of this year's finalists may be viewed here.


The Music City Romance Writers PITCH contest is back! Whether the "pitch" is for back cover copy that you plan to self-publish, or that oh-so-perfect query letter blurb, we want to help you get it right! And we'll get you there fast! The entire contest from deadline to announcement of the winner will be six weeks! (Assuming no unforeseen circumstances arise.)

Additionally, there are terrific prizes for the winners!


  • Enter 200 word max. This would be the back cover copy or pitch letter blurb.
  • $15 entry fee
  • Accepting a max of 100 entries only, so get yours in soon!
  • There will be time to revise after round one.
  • All romance subgenres accepted.
  • Judged fully by PAN members, three judges per entry. Scoresheets will be minimal and to the point: Would you request or buy this book based upon this blurb? What about the blurb worked? What about the blurb did not work? Additional Comments (optional).
  • Top 10% move on to the final round. Scoring for final round will be based on a single score from each judge of 1 to 10.
  • All final round entries will be seen by all final round judges.


(Please note that dates could change due to unforeseen circumstances, but we will make every effort to stick to this schedule.)

March 1, 2014      Contest open for entries
April 15, 2014      Deadline to enter (11:59pm CST)
May 5, 2014      Finalists announced and entries returned
May 9, 2014      Revised entries to be received back to contest coordinator
June 1, 2014      Winner announced!


  • 1st place - e-Copy of "QUERY: Everything You Need to Get Started, Get Noticed, and Get Signed", basic author website donated by cSocially Media, development edit of the first 30 pages of your manuscript from award winning author Kimberly Pauley, Announcement in RWR
  • 2nd place - e-Copy of "QUERY: Everything You Need to Get Started, Get Noticed, and Get Signed", Announcement in RWR
  • 3rd place - e-Copy of "QUERY: Everything You Need to Get Started, Get Noticed, and Get Signed", Announcement in RWR


A note about our 1st place prize package:

The basic author website offers 5 basic pages and layout. cSocially Media works with the author to build the site to their preference, typically modeling it after a few different websites the author likes (find the design that fits the author and their message/platform).The website pages include: an About Author page, A “Books/Writing/Works” Page – this page lists all works by said author, News & Events page which is a great showcase for upcoming book signings, any interviews, and relevant content, a Contact page, and a Blog page for connecting with readers on a more personal level. Blogs also help keep the site fresh & relevant for search engines (SEO). The author site is then integrated with social media (linking to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and will also link directly to the author’s work on Amazon, B&, Indiebound, etc — wherever the book can bought online.

Developmental Edit of the first 30 pages of your manuscript, including detailed notes and a Skype call, from award-winning YA author Kimberly Pauley. This is a $100 value item and includes the option to purchase a full developmental edit at a 25% discount (normally $0.05/word). Kimberly's specialties are in developing an authentic voice, realistic dialogue, and engaging characters. She is the author of four books and has worked as an editorial assistant, in marketing, and was the founder of YA Books Central.


  • Suzie Townsend, New Leaf Literary
  • Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, Foreword Literary
  • Lauren MacLeod, Strothman Agency
  • Barbara Poelle, Irene Goodman Agency
  • Holly Root, Waxman Leavell Agency
  • Elizabeth Poteet, St. Martin's Press


  • One page document with 200 max word blurb. Title/genre in upper left-hand corner.
  • No name on the entry.
  • Name your entry file “[title of your book].docx” or “[title of your book].doc”
  • Pay the $15 entry fee via PayPal or check.
  • You’ll receive confirmation of entry within three days.
  • Entry will not be considered final until registration form, payment, and entry are all received.
  • Only one entry per project allowed.


For questions, please contact the PITCH coordinators at