Proof of Serious Pursuit

Understanding Proof of Serious Pursuit

On November 1, 2015, RWA began requiring members and prospective members to comply with the following policy:

15.1.3. Serious Pursuit with a Common Business Interest. Effective November 1, 2015, for purposes of General membership classification and to maintain voting privileges, each prospective and renewing member shall prove whether or not he or she is seriously pursuing a career in romance writing.

Membership in either RWA PRO or RWA PAN automatically meets the new qualifications.  If you think you might qualify for either of these communities of practice, we encourage you to apply.  To review the requirements and apply for membership, use these links: Join RWA PRO or Join RWA PAN.

For members who do not qualify for RWA PRO or RWA PAN, the requirement may be met by providing other qualifying information.  In order for you to easily provide the information required, we have created a short review procedure that will be included in your upcoming dues renewal process.  Completing the information will only take a minute and will also give you an opportunity to update your myRWA profile.

When you begin the dues renewal process for General membership, you will need to submit information for:

  • One complete original work of romance fiction* of at least 20,000 words
  • Multiple complete original works of romance fiction* which combine for a total of at least 20,000 words.

To submit information for one of the options above, you will need to provide proof in one of the following formats:

  • ISBN(s), ASIN(s), or Other Unique Vendor Product Identification Number(s) of Commercially Available** work(s)
  • Upload work(s) to RWA's secure portal:

Members who do not meet the qualifying criteria will become Associate members and will continue to have full access to all RWA member benefits but will not be able to vote or hold office in the association. If you are interested in reading the complete criteria, please visit (login required).

The RWA staff is available during office hours (8:30am to 5:00pm CST) to help you with any questions regarding this new verification process.  Please contact our Membership Coordinator at 832-717-5200 ext. 121 or email

*Romance fiction means the work contains a central love story and the resolution of the romance is emotionally satisfying and optimistic.

**Commercially Available means offered for sale to the general public and/or library market. A novel or novella offered solely free of charge is not considered to be commercially available.