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Zika Virus Statement

RWA’s Board of Directors has been asked if the potential impact of the Zika virus on this year’s conference has been considered.

The answer is yes, the Board discussed the potential impact, at length. After weighing the risks, the Board requested that staff meet with hotel officials to ascertain the measures Disney and related properties are taking to control mosquitoes and assumed, for budget purposes, that conference attendance might be lower than usual.

Here is a link to the precautions Disney is putting into place:

Here is the CDC update for Florida:

Here is a statement from Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs:

"From a tourism standpoint, obviously it's important that when our visitors come here, they're safe," she said. "It's important because there are a lot of jobs here that rely upon the tourism industry. If we see a dramatic decline in tourism, we will see a dramatic increase in unemployment and an increase in unemployment means we have more people struggling to get by."

RWA makes plans several years in advance with the goal of providing a safe and pleasant venue for its annual conference. There are risks with any location. Members are advised to review travel advisories, including the Disney World FAQ shown above, and use their own judgement when making plans to attend.