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Romance Writers of America (RWA) is a nonprofit trade association with a membership of more than 10,000 romance writers and related industry professionals, whose mission is to advance the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy and by increasing public awareness of the romance genre.

The benefits of membership in RWA include education, networking opportunities, local and nation conferences, local and online chapter opportunities and many more.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of RWA membership:

Membership in RWA is open to all individuals who have attained the age of 18 and who agree to accept the purposes of RWA and to faithfully observe and be bound by the bylaws of RWA shall be eligible to apply for membership.

Annual dues are $99 for General and Associate members; a $25 processing fee will apply to all new and reinstating members. Membership dues and fees are nonrefundable.

RWA does not assist members in the process of publication but rather offers career-focused information and education. 

Membership shall not be denied to adults because of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, religion, or political affiliation.

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Membership Types

General Membership ($99)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  ALL NEW AND REINSTATING members are initially designated as Associate-Writers.  Click the green link below to fill out the membership application.  If you were a previous member of RWA PAN or RWA PRO, your correct member type will be reinstated once payment is made.

General membership is open to all persons seriously pursuing a romance fiction writing career. Only General members shall have all rights of membership, and only General members shall have the right to vote and the right to hold office in RWA. 

General members must prove serious pursuit of a romance writing career. Please read more about our Serious Pursuit qualifications.

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All qualified applicants for General membership are automatically approved as Associate-Writers.  Once applicants provide proof of serious pursuit of a romance writing career (see below), Associate-Writers become General Members.

Associate Membership ($99)

Associate membership is open to all other individuals, including employees of RWA and its contractors, who support the organization and its purposes but who do not meet the requirements for General membership or who are not permitted to participate on RWA’s general discussion forums by reason of being involved in the acquisition process*, i.e.,  publishers, acquiring editors, or agents who actively acquire romance fiction or actively offer representation to writers of romance fiction, as further described in RWA policy. Associate members shall not have any voting rights or the right to hold office in RWA.

Associate members receive a copy of the Romance Writers Report magazine, have access to the myRWA website (with restrictions to industry professional access to General member forums), RWA University (only for Associate members who are writers), member resources, and receive the member rate for RWA conferences and workshops.

RWA asks those pursuing membership as Associates to indicate if they fall into one of the following areas:


A writer who is not seriously pursuing a career as a romance writer or does not fit the Serious Pursuit qualifications for General Membership.

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A publisher or acquiring editor or agent.

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A person who supports the purpose of RWA but does not meet either of the qualifications described above and does not qualify for General membership (not seriously pursuing a career as a romance writer). 

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*“Acquisition process” means the process by which manuscripts are reviewed and evaluated by any individual who is employed or contracted by a publisher that actively acquires romance fiction or by a literary agency that represents authors of romance fiction, for the purpose of either recommending that a manuscript be considered for acquisition or representation, or be rejected and removed from consideration by that publisher or literary agency.


Affiliate Membership ($10)

Affiliate membership is open only to booksellers and librarians. Affiliate members shall not have any voting rights or the right to hold office in RWA.

Affiliate members have access to specific sections of the myRWA website and special librarian and bookseller forums. Affiliate members receive the member rate for the RWA Conference.

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